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Thank You! World Teachers' Day 2015

Posted by Davis Campbell on Oct 5, 2015 12:00:00 PM


Today marks the 21st annual World Teachers’ Day. Since 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has celebrated teaching on October 5th to commemorate the joint UNESCO and International Labour Organization’s signing of the Recommendations Concerning the Status of Teachers.

The aim of World Teachers’ Day is to promote the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the contributions that teachers make to education and development. On October 5th, teaching organizations around the globe will celebrate World Teachers’ Day through a public awareness campaign to continue to highlight the benefits that the teaching profession gives to society.

To show our appreciation for teachers on this special day, we had some of our team share stories of their favourite teachers and the special impact they had upon their lives.

Nicola Dickinson, Vice-President of Sales:

“Ms. Spiegel was my favourite teacher because she loved art (and I did, too). She taught me all about Vincent Van Gogh and his work. It just resonated with me. I loved how she used the Ms. instead of Mrs. as well; I thought it was so new-age. While I wasn’t the best student in her class, she commended me for my effort and that really encouraged me to always try my best.”

Victor Bacho, Senior Application Consultant:

"My Spanish teacher, Juan Antonio Massone, took us every winter to the more underprivileged section of our city (Santiago, Chile) to deliver books, food, and clothing. All of this was done under the principle that we were being educated to make a difference."

Melissa Alvares, Director of Marketing & Communications:

"My favourite teacher in high school was my calculus teacher, Mr. Bahlibi. He was teaching such a hard and complex subject, and could see us sometimes get so frustrated and confused. But he always believed that we’d figure it out, and he kept telling us that we knew how to solve the problems. It was the overwhelming confidence that he had in us (that we didn’t even have in ourselves) that pushed us all to succeed in that class."

Colin Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer:

“I had two great teachers in my life. One was Mr. Peacock at Earl of March Secondary School in Kanata. He taught Grade 13 History and scared the whole class straight on what it would be like in university. He taught us how to write essays, vigorously debate the topics of the day, and transition ourselves to the higher expectations of a university course. He was rigid and tough, but also kind. Without him, university would have been a much more challenging endeavour. Overall the most important teacher in my life was my Dad, who taught Grade 10 English. He taught me the importance of being intellectually curious, to approach life with an open heart, and to always love learning. I will be forever grateful to both.”

Be sure to thank all of your teachers for their positive contributions to the lives of people everywhere! To learn more about World Teachers’ Day 2015, please visit

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This Post Was Written By Davis Campbell
Davis Campbell is our awesome marketing intern from Wilfrid Laurier University.