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What it's like to intern at Altus Dynamics

Posted by Kevin Dayno on Dec 16, 2016 1:00:00 PM

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My name is Kevin Dayno and I’m a 3rd year Science & Business student at the University of Waterloo. As part of the school’s co-op program, I get the opportunity to work for various companies and gain valuable work experience through internships. Over the past four months, I had the great opportunity to work as a Marketing Intern at Altus Dynamics. Here are some of the things I liked and learned during my internship!

What I liked about my internship at Altus

  • The People and Culture: One of the things I really enjoyed a8defb789cd06b07f7651b74ec7536be.jpgabout working at Altus, and definitely one of my favourite things, were the people that I got to work with. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly and had tons of stories and experiences to share, which made every day very enjoyable. Altus also has a very rich company culture, from monthly Town Hall meetings to our own book club, Altus Reads, there was always something going on.
  • Meaningful work: There’s a common belief that all an intern is responsible for are the administrative tasks or miscellaneous tasks around the office. At Altus, this wasn't the case, I was tasked with work that really contributed to the Marketing department’s strategic goals. Whether it was through writing campaign specific blog posts to attract people to our blog or conducting marketing research to provide a deeper understanding into our targets markets, the work that I was doing really contributed to the growth and development of the company in some way or another.
  • Growing company: Another thing I really enjoyed about working at Altus was that it’s a fairly small company with only about 50 employees, which meant that I was able to get to know everyone in the company, even if it was just their first name. This is something that’s not possible in most organizations, since there are simply too many people. In addition, I also got the opportunity to learn about how the company operates as a whole, through meeting and talking to people from various departments. I learned about the role each department plays in contributing to the business.

What I learned (they don’t teach you everything at school!)

During my time at Altus I gained tons of valuable knowledge and skills that will surely prove to be useful throughout my career. One of the major things I learned a lot about was the Inbound Marketing methodology. A marketing method that is still fairly new and is based on attracting potential customers to your products by creating content that is relevant and interesting to them. I had the opportunity to practice this new form of marketing, which will definitely be useful to know in the future as it becomes adopted by more organizations.

Additionally, I also learned about the importance of time management. Being responsible for various tasks with deadlines, I had to ensure that I was consistently managing my time properly in order to get all the necessary tasks done. While this is a skill I have developed throughout my academic career, having the chance to really put it to use within a professional setting has been truly valuable.

Another thing I learned at Altus was the ability to communicate effectively. Whether it was through collaborating with the rest of marketing team or coordinating with other departments, I had many opportunities to really develop and improve my communication skills. 

Why YOU should pick Altus for your marketing internship

If you’re looking for an opportunity that will help you leverage your strengths and develop your weaknesses, then Altus is the perfect opportunity! While having a fun and open culture, there are also plenty of opportunities to gain professional skills and experience that will help you grow your career. 

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This Post Was Written By Kevin Dayno
Kevin is our Marketing Intern from the University of Waterloo