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Using automation to manage documents and stop wasting valuable time

Posted by Nicola Dickinson on Jul 7, 2015 1:00:00 PM

 As a non-profit or public sector organization, time is one of your most valuable assets. However, it can be quite difficult to make effective use of your time and still complete all of the tasks that your organization needs to have completed. This constant struggle to reach high levels of productivity can become quite frustrating and stressful for your employees, which can lead to a downward spiral of efficiency.

To get out of this spiral, non-profit and public sector organizations need to be aware of the day-to-day activities that are causing them to experience less than optimum productivity levels. Our document management partner, KwikTag, has identified some of the key problems found in many organizations, as well as their solutions. These finding have been outlined below:

Interruptions are Killing Your Productivity

Have you ever slogged through a morning of responding to emails and tried to recall what you were trying to get done before you started (and where the time went)? You’re not alone…KwikTag_-_Interruptions_study

Chances are, a big chunk of your time went to shifting gears from one task to the next—rather than spending time actually focused on a single task and getting the top items off of your “to do” list.

Rather than relying on emails, instant messages and text messages, successful organizations automate business processes instead of tasks. Workflow automation helps employees take back control of their day.

Fewer emails, fewer phone calls and more self-service means fewer interruptions, greater productivity and happier employees, customers and vendors.


A Third of Your Time is Lost to Searching for Information

Whether you’re relying on your email inbox or a filing cabinet to store documents and information, the cost in terms of your time and energy is far greater than you think.

According to the U.S. EPA, a typical employee spends 30-40% of their time looking for information locked in email inboxes or filing cabinets.KwikTag_-_Time_loss_study

No other department in your organization is as aware of this problem as the accounts payable team. They have to interpret invoices that come in every form from snail mail, to FAX, to email to EDI. Once the inbox is sorted out, there is the approval process... The stacks of invoices sitting on managers’ desks, lost in the sea of paper. Running around the office being the “bad guy” who pesters the management team to approve and code their invoices. Fielding angry calls from vendors who just want to know when they’re getting paid.

There is definitely a better way. AP automation takes the pain out of both the incoming chaos and approval bottlenecks, putting data and documents in the hands of the right people at the right time, reducing back-and-forth emails, phone calls and instant messages while delivering process visibility to everyone.


How Much Time Do You Spend Babysitting Your Documents?

According to a study from the Environmental Paper Network, for every 12 filing cabinets in your organization, one additional employee is needed to organize, administer and manage those documents.

In the best of all worlds, access, security and governance of the data and documents associated with your business should be easy to manage.

With control over your documents, you can:KwikTag_-_Babysitting_documents_study

• Provide visibility across business processes to get the full story before making a decision.

• Design workflows which tap into the knowledge contained in your documents.

• Ensure compliance and auditability without spending endless hours searching for the right document.


Why Time Management Is Obsolete

“No amount of time management is ever going to solve the problem of the number of demands on your attention.”

Productivity expert Maura Thomas talks to a TED audience about why time management doesn’t work in this day and age—and why attention management does.KwikTag_-_Time_management

Managing your business data, documents and processes through automation can REDUCE those distractions and demands on your attention by putting the right information in the right hands at the right time.

This attention management is what leads to fewer emails, fewer phone calls and fewer instant messages related to routine requests for information.


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