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Turn From Reactive To Proactive With Workflows

Posted by Joshua Becerra on May 8, 2016 2:47:00 PM


The new Altus Dynamics NAV 2016 has changed the way that organizations use NAV. Now rather than being reactive, there are automated tools that provide users with the ability to take a proactive approach. The most notable tool from Altus Dynamics NAV 2016 are Workflows.

There are 3 stages of a Workflow that have users select what they want to monitor, what to consider when monitoring, and how to react if those conditions are met. When workflows are utilized they provide users with the ability to monitor and react to changes 24/7. With the addition of new client types you can now respond to your workflow through a computer, tablet or smartphone.


The base out-of-the-box version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 comes with 20 workflow templates that are easily configurable and do not require programmed customizations. These workflow templates model real life business processes and utilize industry best practices.



Let’s say that you’re an Accounting Clerk who is inputting entries into the general journal. Typically the Accounting Clerk would need to get approval on all general journal entries from the Accounting Supervisor. With the General Journal Batch Approval Workflow you can have an approval request sent automatically. The workflow will send the request to the appropriate approver who will be notified that the record requires their approval.


Building Blocks

If the templates fail to cover all of the areas that you want to have automated you can create your own workflows utilizing the key building blocks provided, which include: Conditions, Control of Flow, Events, Options, Responses, and Workflow Combinations. These provide users with the ability to create complex workflows without having to write code.

No longer do you have to be scattered with data, no longer do you have to manually input the same data in the same process over and over, and no longer do you have to be steps behind your data. The new Altus Dynamics NAV 2016 provides users with the necessary tools to proactively stay up to date with their business processes and its data. To learn more about workflows sign up for our free webinar on June 28th where our Product Manager will lead a group through the ins and outs of workflows.

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