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2015's Top 3 Most Effective Fundraising Tools

Posted by Davis Campbell on Sep 17, 2015 4:12:00 PM


Fundraising is the probably the most fun activity for any nonprofit organization, and it also can be the most difficult. In 2015, it is becoming even more challenging with the information overload in our high-tech world, making effective fundraising processes increasingly difficult to create.

However, these 3 tools can radically help your fundraising efforts: content marketing via social media, client relationship management (CRM) solutions, and crowdfunding.

Content Marketing via Social Media: A relatively new school of marketing, the content marketing movement has gained momentum in recent years and has been called one of the best ways to create campaign success in the modern era. The concept of content marketing is simple; according to the Content Marketing Institute it is a technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly define and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer (in this case donor) action. It seems like a relatively basic concept, but how much benefit does this technique provide organizations? Well, let’s look at a campaign by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. BBBS developed a video series called “Start Something Web Series”, where each video highlighted a success story to emphasize the positive impact that the “bigs” have on the “littles”. The organization then shared the videos on social media in what turned out to be a winning combination, with each episode having over 5,000 views. The success of BBBS’ content/social media campaign exemplifies the idea that great content can allow organizations to successfully promote their mission online.

CRM: Using a CRM solution can help your organization better manage your fundraising efforts, allowing for more time to focus on key operational activities instead of trivial details. Although raising money without a CRM is definitely possible, it is much more difficult and less efficient. These systems allow you to manage your fundraising better and faster with their vast array of features. A CRM can simplify and accelerate various fundraising processes, including:

  • Donor Management: gives users access to a large amount of information to better manage donors.
  • Campaign Creation: online campaigns provide security to donors, give your organization more access to campaign info, and allow for easy tracking and management of incoming funds.
  • Event Management: a CRM allows you to create and customize event tickets, assign sponsors and sponsorship levels, create registration forms etc.
  • Integrations: the easy integration of outside sources into a CRM allows for streamlined campaign workflows.
  • Data Reporting: provides lots of data and the tools to navigate and understand it.
  • Sharing Information: enables everyone to be up-to-date on a campaign.
  • Donor Communication: facilitates orderly and timely communication of various forms with donors.
  • Proper timing for follow-up activities: can easily start cultivating prospects in hopes of receiving a donation.
  • Reduced Maintenance: CRM reduces the amount of technical maintenance needed to be dedicated towards campaign technology.

Overall, effective fundraising is all about having easy management and access to donor information, which a CRM solution will better equip your organization to do.

Crowdfunding: In recent years crowdfunding has been known to be a lucrative funding platform for many small businesses and startups, but it has also provided benefit to nonprofit organizations. With the growing popularity of sites such as Indiegogo, crowdfunding can increase your exposure past your regular donors and social media followers to those currently unfamiliar with your organization. Usually, successful campaigns are designed using a donation for reward type of structure e.g. a $10 donation gives the donor a keychain. Along with rewarding donors, successful campaigns have fantastic execution in terms of their perk structure, video, tone of their written segment, and overall appeal of campaign. Another important element of crowdfunding success is putting in maximum effort immediately, since Indiegogo says that projects that get 30% of their fundraising goal in the first 24 hours have a much greater chance of success. This means that it is extremely important to push the campaign immediately and with full power. However, before looking at a crowdfunding platform for your next fundraising campaign, consider if it is the right fit for your organization’s objectives.

Although fundraising is becoming increasingly challenging in our digital world, by utilizing these tools you may be able to cut through the noise and successfully promote your organization’s mission to the masses


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