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3 Time-Saving Social Services ERP Features that can save you hours!

Posted by Stefanie Gause on Mar 14, 2016 11:00:00 AM


Wouldn't it be great if we could all have more time? Having the time to accomplish all of our to-do tasks and also work on more strategic organizational goals seems like next to impossible most days.

What would you say if we told you that we could help put some more time back in your day?

Think about all of the time spent on inefficient administrative tasks at your organization. How many phone calls are made on average by employees unable to find their tax slips? How many documents must be searched through and emails must be sent before a replacement is found for a staff member who has called in sick? How long does it take for a schedule change to be made and approved? And lastly, ask yourself this: if tedious tasks like this could be reduced to simple processes that take a matter of minutes, how many hours could your organization save per week?

This level of efficiency can become a reality, and the following 3 features found in Altus Dynamics Workforce Management can help take you there:

Self-management of employee profiles

When all staff members are able to manage their own personal profiles and the information stored therein, managers no longer have to spend as much time answering HR-related questions. With our Workforce Management solution, employees are able to easily update editable information such as their contact information and address, as well as view fixed information like salary, benefits plans and tax documents. This can save everyone a lot of time around tax season!

Quick communication through automated processes

Communication is made easy with the Workforce Management solution through the use of automated notifications. Let’s say that a staff member wants to cancel an upcoming shift to go to a family event. Once the staff member cancels the shift, a notification will be sent to the scheduler that they need to approve this change. Once the cancellation has been approved, the scheduler can list this shift as open in the system. The scheduler will then receive notifications as employees bid on the shift, giving them the ability to approve whomever they see fit to fill the empty space. All of this is done without a single phone call being made or email being sent.

Ensure consistency across the organization

Needing someone to verify that all internal HR documents are consistent with organizational policies can be exhausting. With this solution, the publishing and downloading of documents is managed by a central account and made accessible to all staff members in the organization with permission to access these documents. Internal information such as company announcements and calendars can also easily be shared within the organization, ensuring that everyone is receiving the same clear messages.

Do you want to see these time-saving features and many more in action? Register today for our upcoming webinar "Social Services Workforce Management & Scheduling with Altus Dynamics ERP."


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