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Top 3 Reporting Strategies

Posted by Nicola Dickinson on Jan 4, 2011 5:00:00 PM

When it comes to your ERP system, an easy to use solution is key.  But, what becomes equally as important is the ability to produce useful and meaningful reports from the data that resides in your ERP solution.  Often you are faced with options to acheive your reporting desires.  But, which one is best for you?

When it comes to determining which report tool best fits your needs you need to determine what your reporting strategy needs to look like - we've boiled it down to 1) Find out the Who, 2) Take Inventory and 3) Leverage Technology

The WHO in reporting

Who is reading your reports? Do they need to access the reports remotely? Will they need drill down for further analysis? Do the reports need to be in real time or static?

Truly understand your reporting audience and how much they value the reports generated.  Do your reports really add value to their role? If not, how can they? How reliable is the data in your report?

Take inventory

What reports are you using today? Who reads them? What relevance do they provide?

Often, one of the first steps in developing your reporting strategy is to first take inventory of what your key reports are across your entire organization.  Then, we challenge you to start to cross off your report inventory lists reports you really don't need.  For example, perhaps you can eliminate report by providing access directly to Altus Dynamics ERP or CRM solutions.

Leverage tools that add value to your reporting needs

Now its time to evaluate tools that match up to your audience needs and report functions.  That's not an easy task as there are many tools available.  Challenge your partner  and ask what reporting tools work best for you and ensure it matches to your reporting requirements list. Expect your partner to provide multiple options fitting different reporting strategies.

Ensure that the report tool fits with what you need - aligning with how the report will be prepared, how much time it takes and the value of the report to your organization.



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