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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Never (Ever) Use Excel for CRM

Posted by Davis Campbell on Sep 4, 2015 11:25:00 AM


 We all know and love Microsoft Excel. It's everyone's favourite easy-to-use spreadsheet program. Excel might fit right in to deal with some of your organization's necessary functions. We can't lie. It's a pretty great tool! But it's no CRM, and trying to use it as one means you're selling yourselves short. What do you have to lose? Well, that's what we're here to tell you.

  1. It's a Manual Monster: The first problem with using Excel as your CRM is that it's a totally manual solution. Every time you input or manage information, your users have to do it by hand. That means there's tons of room for human error and there's an increase in the time it takes to manage the system! Your employees are taken away from their key goals and initiatives in order to manually enter, check, and fix your data. And that's productivity you don't need to lose.
  2. You'll be lost in a Single-User Jungle: Having multiple users just clogs Excel up. And since the program's files can only be accessed by one at a time, it's hard to ensure you're data is always  updated - let alone in real-time. Excel is a good calculator. It's not a good database. Missing relational tables and having limited interface capabilities makes Excel files difficult to manage. You'll have trouble with hundreds of items, let alone thousands.
  3. Beware the Data Danger! Using Excel as your CRM doesn't only cause issues with users and productivity. It also compromises the integrity of your data. With multiple copies of files floating around the organization, maintaining consistency is almost impossible. That means it's easier to lose data! Also, the lack of security makes your information easily transportable to places outside of the organization (e.g. competition)! 

Using Excel as a CRM creates opportunities for serious organizational issues to occur. But what will an actual CRM give you? What should you look for in the program you're going to stake your very efficiency on?

Well, using a properly configured CRM solution gives your organization tons of benefits! You develop strong relationships with customers through personalized communication and can respond more quickly to clients’ needs. You reduce your costs through streamlined, more efficient operations. Your information is easily accessible, allowing for informed decision-making.

And guess what. You can even import your old Excel files into your CRM system!

If this sounds like what you need to make your organization stronger, it’s time to ditch the worst CRM ever and start considering the CRM your mission deserves.

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This Post Was Written By Davis Campbell
Davis Campbell is our awesome marketing intern from Wilfrid Laurier University.