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Three things you’ll love about the updated Expense Claims module in NAV 2016

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Jul 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM


We recently released the 2016 version of our finance solution and, with this, a slew of new features and functionalities that help make your life and job easier. All of these changes came from feedback we received from end users, and were built in collaboration with them so that the end product would work the way they work. While our Expense Claims module was already used and loved by many, we decided not to rest on our laurels and to make the functionality even better than it was previously. Here are three of the things you're going to love most about our updated Expense Claims module:

1. We gave it a facelift

facelift_2.jpgWith the 2016 release of our finance solution, we decided to overhaul the user interface, layout and flow of our Expense Claims module, making the application more intuitive and easier to use. Because we do everything with our end users in mind, we did a lot of research, countless prototypes, and consulted current clients to get feedback on the ideal flow of the solution so that it would work the way they work. While the Expense Claims module was always user friendly, the new interface is much more intuitive and easily makes sense to users who have little to no training. This means your organization can cut down on the time it takes to train your employees on how to use the solution and also makes the whole process of submitting expenses easier.



2. We beefed up our alerts system

security.jpgThere is nothing worse than putting together your expense claim only to realize that you’ve forgotten to attach certain documents or have input information incorrectly. With the newest release of our finance solution, we have significantly enhanced the business rules, policies, and alerts functionality within the Expense Claims module. Once your organization has set up your rules and policies within the system, all expense claims that are submitted will be checked against these rules and alerts will pop up if anything is not properly inputted or does not comply with the established policies. These alerts will notify the user where the discrepancy is located and prompt them to correct it before being able to submit their expense claim. Conversely, if you’ve input everything accurately, the solution will give you the green light to know that your claim is correct and ready to submit. This means that your expense claim will be correct the first time you submit it, saving time by eliminating the need for your finance department to send it back to you for amendment.


3. Drag and Drop is now a functionality, not just a dance move

drag-and-drop.pngRemember when we told you that our solution will alert you if you forgot to attach a receipt? Well, now we’ve made the receipt-attaching process easier as well. While the old version of the Expense Claims module allowed users to attach receipts, these could not be done line by line and did not open up to show the document directly within the solution. The newest version of our Expense Claims module makes this process easier by allowing users to simply drag and drop PDFs or images of receipts directly into each expense claim line, displaying an image of the document directly within the solution. This not only makes attaching receipts a breeze for users, but makes it easy for your finance department to know which receipt goes to which expense and to verify their accuracy.


Want to see our new Expense Claims module in action? Request a demo of our solution and learn how this great new feature will significantly simplify your Expense Claims processes!

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