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The expansion of Dynamics CRM in a Mobile World

Posted by Colin Marsh on Apr 23, 2014 12:30:00 PM

People have never been more connected. They strive to remain constantly informed on a wide range of areas of interest. Instant communication is expected as are multiple ways of interacting with the world around us. And what is happening at a personal level is now expected from professional life. Companies have responded in kind with improved and ever more connected business related tools that reflect how the modern workforce wants to operate. From LinkedIn substituting person-to-person networking to Yammer replacing the traditional company intranet with a social media style tool, Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), smartphones, the list goes on.

Mobile_CRMMicrosoft have not surprisingly responded to this trend, either buying in new expertise and products (Skype and Yammer are two examples) but also developing their solutions with mobility in mind. Dynamics CRM 2013 is at the forefront of this product development, not only integrating social tools such as Yammer or Lync but also having available add-on to improve the social experience such as LinkedIn, InsideView or Netbreeze.

They have also enhanced the access options. Gone are the days when Dynamics CRM was only available on-premise via a desk top. Now you can deploy the solution internally or in The Cloud via Dynamics CRM Online. There are native apps available for Windows 8, iPad and Google Nexus (Android 4.2 or above) powered tablets. Windows Phone, Android (running 4.0 or above) and iPhone (running iOS 6 or above) smartphones also have their own apps, but other platforms such as Blackberry can access their CRM via their web browser. Having the ability to access the constituent information you need while on the road or overseas adds to the power of Dynamics CRM to improve organizational efficiency and staff productivity while allowing the modern employee work the way that suits them.

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