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The Advantages of Role Tailored ERP

Posted by James Faw on Jan 4, 2011 5:00:00 PM

RoleTailored user experience is truly an innovation in the user experience world.  Role Tailored means taking specific role types like -  Purchasing or CFO and combine and isolate functionality meaningful to that type of user.  So, when that type of role logs onto NAV they see meaningful and useful data about their organization that pertains specifically to them.

The concept is to provide a good foundation within NAV 2009, starting point – a framework if you will – that make it easy to modify (existing) profiles and roles and create new ones. With that idea – Altus Dynamics is able to apply this innovation and tailor the application to fit nonprofit, education and government sectors.

During the analysis of data gathered through research by Microsoft, it has become obvious that groups of functional users are distinctively different, and that different approaches is needed when user experience is being considered. The premise of NAV 2009, Role Tailored was NOT to create same UI and provide same user experience for all those personas. Role tailored means take specific roles within your organization and customize their view so their use of NAV is efficient as possible.


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