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Support Tips & Tricks for CRM End Users

Posted by Chris Carre on Jul 12, 2016 9:30:00 AM


While Microsoft has provided continual increases to Dynamics CRM end users with the last few releases, sometimes some of the small UI or data entry benefits can be lost because they need to highlight other areas or tools.

Here are some of the top tips and tricks we’ve come up with for Dynamics CRM end users:

Entering Data in a Lookup Field

Seems basic right? I would bet that most of you have been entering data in a lookup field the same way but did you know there are two different ways?

1. Hitting Enter – This is like an auto-search for lookups. Users who hit enter will get an immediate drop down of all entries that match the information filled out. Whether one or multiple, the drop-down will show up and the user can select the correct record.



2. Hitting Tab – Entering a name and then hitting tab is like a ‘hard search’ function. If there is one record, CRM will auto-populate. If there are multiple, CRM will give the user a yellow exclamation mark that reads “More than one match was found."



CRM Diagnostic Test

For those who are more technical or those who are always asked for more detail from their IT team, there is a quick and easy way to perform a diagnostic test on your CRM environment. Simply enter “tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx” after the .com/ of your address and you’ll be presented with the screen below:


You can use this screen to get an update on a CRM Online or On Premise environment or to help the IT team narrow down a speed issue.



CRM_Theme-466044-edited.pngA long requested feature, organizations can now alter the logo and theme of Dynamics CRM. Typically leverages for test and production environments, you can take this a step further by changing the solution to your organizations official colours.

Following the HEX codes, administrators can alter different themes for a less ‘base CRM’ look. Just don’t get too carried away as I’ve seen some very bright colours that can make it hard to look at.


So Many Integrations

While tools like SharePoint, Word, and Excel have been staple integrations to Dynamics CRM for years, Microsoft is now introducing a variety of other tools for organizations leveraging CRM. Below is a quick look into some of the latest:

1. OneNote – a new integration to CRM 2016, users can now sync and create OneNote files on CRM records. For those who have loved to leverage OneNote but had CRM implemented, there’s no need for the internal struggle any longer.


2. Social Engagement – a social analysis tools that easily connects with CRM. Providing insight at a record or dashboard level, users can see how actively someone is blogging, tweeting, or posting about your organization.


3. New Outlook – while the Outlook connector has been around for ages, the new Outlook App allows for an updated UI and insight into records directly in the email. As it’s pulling more information, it takes longer to load but provides the user with far more information than the old connector.



4. CRM Online Solutions – for those who are leveraging CRM Online, be sure to check out the Solutions part of the O365 Admin area. Here you can add a bunch of free tools to try in a test environment:CRM_Online_Tools.png


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