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Sudbury Catholic DSB's Top 7 Favourite Features of their Altus Solution

Posted by Meg Wilson on Jan 19, 2017 12:30:00 PM

Last week we braved the snowy winter roads and headed to Sudbury, Ontario to meet with several K12 school boards. The purpose of the event was to discuss the challenges that they're currently facing with their operational processes, what's currently getting in the way of solving these challenges, and how Altus solutions might be able to help.

sudbury catholic.jpgWe were thrilled that our client, Sudbury Catholic District School Board, graciously offered to host this event. They were eager to share their favorite things about their Altus solution with other school boards, as well as learn about some of the new features we've recently released that they can leverage.

The event kicked off with a roundtable discussion of the pain points that the boards are currently facing. Many boards, who are still on older technology, realized they are all facing the same challenges:

  • Lack of integration with their other systems
  • The solution is not keeping up with the pace of change and is quickly becoming outdated and unsupported
  • Their reporting tool is unable to adequately support the Ministry's reporting requirements

These challenges are creating great inefficiency since key data has to be dumped into Excel from various systems, managed in multiple spreadsheets, and then re-uploaded back into the system. This results in considerable manual effort and a high risk of errors.

While many boards recognize that their current system is lacking, they also are experiencing barriers to implementing the technology they need to solve these problems. These barriers are things such as getting buy-in from board members, managing changes in business processes, and the time and costs associated with upgrading, training and testing.

After discussing these common challenges and frustrations, we transitioned the conversation to solutions that would help solve these problems. Sudbury Catholic presented their top 7 favourite features of the Altus solution to the boards attending. They described how these features have helped them not only streamline their processes to save time and money, but also to build trust in the data accuracy since their data is in one centralized, integrated system. This integration and centralization reduces data input errors and dramatically increases the easy and accuracy of reporting.

Sudbury top 7.png

After this, the conversation turned to a discussion of Altus' proven implementation methodology and the support model that Altus offers with every implementation. This support model is designed to address the challenges that a specific school board is facing right out of the gate.  It is tailored to each client to help drive user adoption and acceptance and to ensure that we can deliver their project on time and on budget.

One of the advantages with working with so many Ontario school boards is that we've been able to tailor our solution to address their specific challenges, and are able to bring school boards together to share their experiences and best practices with one another at events like this. At this event, Sudbury Catholic DSB was kind enough to share the benefits that their organization has enjoyed by using the Altus K12 ERP solution, and overall the day was a great success for all who attended.

Want to see the solution for yourself? Altus is currently offering a unique free guided trial that allows you to demo the solution while one of our technology experts walks you through you the highlights:

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This Post Was Written By Meg Wilson
Meg Wilson is a Senior Sales Executive at Sparkrock and is currently focused on helping K12 school boards reach their goals through technology.