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Stop the madness - Your Accounting System and Excel should be in Synchronicity

Posted by Nicola Dickinson on Jan 21, 2015 3:30:00 PM

Cogs_718We all know how much accounting staff love Excel. What’s not to love! It provides powerful spreadsheet capabilities – formulas, calculations, formatting, etc. The features are seemingly endless.

But have you considered how well your accounting solution works with Excel? And I mean really works with Excel. Your accounting system’s interoperability with Excel gives your staff (particularly your accountants) benefits like time-savings, confidence in the data and reporting possibilities you never thought possible.

Here are just a few advantages your staff gain when your finance system works in synchronicity with Excel:

  • Time savings – stop the madness of re-keying data into Excel from your accounting system and visa versa. Use an accounting system that makes it so simple your users can copy and paste information, or set up automatic refreshing between your accounting system and Excel.
  • Data integrity – having integration between an accounting system and Excel will dramatically improve data integrity. This is a key benefit that links back to our ‘time saving’ point as you and your staff will no longer need to spend time validating the data.
  • Integration and drill down - after you have built your reports in Excel, report reviewers should be able to drill into fields and look at the source transactions directly back in your organization’s accounting system.
  • Opportunity to increase reporting – Excel integration also means that reporting capabilities increase, giving your team the ability to create reports that weren’t considered before because re-keying information was too prohibitive or the time just wasn’t there to do so.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

With Altus Dynamics ERP you can have the synchronicity between Excel and your accounting system that your staff desire. This is due to the fact that our finance system is based on Dynamics NAV, part of the larger family of Microsoft solutions. Microsoft invest billions every year in R&D ensuring that their separate solution work together, just like NAV and Excel.

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