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Settling in to Our New Online Home

Posted by The Marketing Team on Nov 28, 2014 4:00:00 PM

We recently posted a blog about our new physical home but we felt it would be remiss if we didn’t do the same with our virtual home. But first, let’s take a moment to remember our old website.


Technically, there was nothing wrong with the old website – it was full of useful information on our products, services and the industry.

However, with more and more people accessing the web via smartphones we needed a website that was optimized to respond to this new reality. There has also been a large shift in website design to more graphic heavy, less text content (which is why Instagram has grown in popularity so quickly and why social platforms such as Twitter are creating larger/more spots for photo sharing).

We began to have a growing list of ‘wants’ for our online presence that just were not available on our current CMS platform version. They included;                                       responsive_design_200

  • Responsive design – the ability for the site to contract and move according to screen size. Our site should be as accessible to tablet and smartphone users as it is to desktop users.
  • Optimized for touch and scrolling – a mega menu structure designed for touch devices would work nicely in unison with the responsive design element of the website.
  • socialsharing_300Social Sharing – giving our website visitors the ability to not just read our content, but to share it to their social networks.
  • Unbury the Blog – with such an emphasis being put on ‘content marketing’ in this age of Google and SEO, it was very important for us to have our blog visible on the home page. As we post a variety of opinion pieces, commentary or information, multiple times a week, there was no need to hide the Blog down in the site.
  • Video Embed – whether you know it or not, we do have a YouTube page and we post tutorial videos, about us videos, and webinar recordings. We wanted a better way to embed those videos onto our website so they were accessible in both places.


  • Lastly, graphic heavy/white space design – people prefer to digest their information through visuals and don’t like crowded website pages. We wanted to provide a level of detail but not overload the reader. If they would like to know more, they can also easily contact us.

Alas, we knew it was time to say goodbye to our old website…so without further ado…

Welcome to our new website!

Most of these changes took place behind the scenes in the coding for the website, but with these enhancements we now have social sharing options and touch enabled navigation for tablets and smartphones. Making our site mobile ready and our content easily sharable.

With months of behind the scenes design work and coding - our newly designed site is finally ready to be shown off. We hope you like it!

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