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Rhythm of the Relationship

Posted by Diana Budreau on Oct 15, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Business_Relationship_2_718At Altus Dynamics we value our clients and the relationship we have with them, which is why we have developed an award winning Client Success Plan. At Microsoft Convergence 2012 I had the privilege to present our Client Success Plan to not only clients attending the world wide event, but other partners as well. The plan has changed slightly over the years; we have adjusted it as the needs of our clients and market have changed.

At a high level the rhythm of the relationship starts from the first day of contact with Sales, through as long as you are an Altus Dynamics client. It encompasses all of your communications with us and the relationships you need to be successful with our employees. The “rhythm” covers things like: important communications to the right people at the right time, understanding what your annual fee covers and how to best manage being successful with it, and making sure you understand when it is the right time to upgrade. We also use it to ensure we are building long term “partnerships” in terms of looking after your solution, we have long since learned that success comes from both sides working together.

Below are some key features of the Client Success Plan. Each and every one of our clients goes through this process from the day of sale and going forward. Communication and caring are key to any long-term relationship!

The Big Welcome

Once a client has signed, we send out a welcome email as well as a personal welcome phone call from our Leadership Team. Another large part of our welcome is the Project Kickoff Meeting, which is an in-person meeting presenting the complete outline for your project as well as an introduction to each and every person who will be working on your project.

Project & Closure

Communication and documentation are important throughout the project and for proper project closure. Here are a few things we do for our clients at this stage:

  • In-Project Communications: We send lots of emails and documentation throughout the project so everyone on our side as well as yours is on the same page with the project – no surprises!
  • In-Project Surveys: At each stage of the project we send out short online surveys. Feedback is important and we want to make sure the client is satisfied every step of the way.
  • Project Sign-off and Closure: We have a detailed project closure plan which ensures client satisfaction before transition to support and go-live.
  • Go-Live’s: Once the client has there official Go-Live, we celebrate! Software implementations are time-consuming and stressful; it is important we all recognize this milestone.
  • Project & Support Handover: After Go-Live a client stays in project mode for a few weeks to ensure all critical functions are operating, then we carefully transition to the dedicated Support Team here at Altus Dynamics where they are offered software support from 8AM to 8PM EST for as long as they are a client with us.
The Client Success Team

Each of our clients are introduced to the Client Success Director (myself), it is my responsibility to ensure that all of the team at Altus Dynamics respect the client and that they are looked after for as long as they are a client of Altus Dynamics. We will make sure the product is working for you, make sure you’re aware of the latest news and releases and we even offer roadmap (future planning) and budgeting assistance.

We Don’t Leave You After Your Go-Live!

On top of continued software support, we have several other touch points for continued communication after your Go-Live.

  • eSupportal, eLearning & KBAs: Our eLearning webinars and eSupportal offer our clients courses for continued learning on our products. We also have a database of Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) where clients can search issues, questions, tips, etc. on their own.
  • Annual Budget Letters: We direct mail our clients an annual package filled with information for them – including sneak peak event information, information about their support plan and software, as well as any new product updates from both Altus Dynamics and our third party Partners. This gives our clients the most up-to-date account information and renewal information and they get to hear the latest news first!
  • Annual Client Road-mapping: This process is designed to help organizations plan and budget solution upgrades years in advance giving them the proper amount of time needed to prepare.
  • CSAT: A survey run by Microsoft Canada, this gives us fantastic feedback and insight into how we’re doing and where we can improve.
  • Client Advisory Board: The newest addition to our Client Success Plan, the CAB is replacing our You-Ser Group structure offering more value to our clients with meetings, social events, discussion boards, etc.
It’s the Little Things…

It is the little things that make a big difference! At Altus Dynamics we will always try to send out a card to our clients for life’s special moments. We also do on-site visits, we feel coming to you and discussing first-hand what you’re looking for is the best way to truly understand your needs.

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