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Humans of Altus Series - Nilakshan Ranganathan

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Apr 18, 2016 10:30:00 AM

IMG_3022.jpgAt Altus Dynamics, we have a quickly growing client list that includes some of the most amazing nonprofit and public sector organizations in North America. In order to keep up with the needs of our clients, we are also growing the size of our organization.

One of our most recent hires is Nilakshan Ranganathan, our Accountant and Office Manager. I sat down with Nilakshan to find out more about his background and his role at Altus. Keep reading to find out what he had to say:


Welcome to Altus, Nilakshan! What was it that made you choose to work here?

What really attracted me to Altus Dynamics was the fact that this is a rapidly growing organization, and that’s something that I really wanted to be a part of. It’s exciting to look at the organization and see all of the changes that will be happening in the near future.

I was also attracted to Altus because they work exclusively with nonprofits. I find nonprofits very inspirational because they are the ones who provide benefit to the social good in our societies. Tying this point to the growth of Altus, it means that as time goes on we will get the opportunity to work with more and more nonprofits.

What drove me to this role specifically was the fact that at Altus the work I do directly impacts the organization, as opposed to working in a larger organization where it is difficult to see the difference that you make. This means that I get to be an instrumental part of the growth at Altus that will lead to increased social benefits provided by the nonprofits that we work with.

What type of skills do you bring to the company?

I did my Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) specializing in accounting, and I am currently doing my Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. I’ve completed over 20 months of work experience through my co-op terms with many different organizations, including working for a public sector organization and a position with a smaller organization. Those work terms helped me get a better sense for working in an organization like Altus.

The greatest strengths that I gained from those work terms was an ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, including the ability to handle tight deadlines with planning and prioritizing that would allow me to help the organization be more efficient in their internal processes.

What are you most looking forward to having accomplished one year from now?

I am looking forward to actually being able to make an impact and be part of the reason for the organization’s growth, not just playing a supporting role, but really being instrumental in the change.

I am also looking forward to having the ability to develop my leadership skills that could help me in future opportunities that could come along with this role. As I learned in a conversation with Altus’ president, Colin Dickinson, the best way to develop leadership skills is to first make sure that you have fully developed your skills in your own craft. I’m really looking forward to having the ability to develop my existing skills and gain some new ones along the way.

You’ve only been with us for 7 weeks, but what has been your favourite part of working here so far?

My favourite part of working here has been getting to know all of the people that are a part of Altus, from the leadership team to the customer contacts. In an organization of this size, you really get the opportunity to get to know everyone on a personal level, and everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming.

I have also loved being a part of the organization’s culture, especially in the open-concept office space. The natural sunlight and indoor plants make this space ideal for working in.


Are you interested in joining the fantastic work community at Altus Dynamics? If so, visit our careers page to find out more about what it is like to work for Altus and see which positions are currently open.


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