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Humans of Altus - Irina Kon

Posted by Nikki Trinnear on Jul 6, 2016 10:00:00 AM


Welcome back to our latest edition of Humans of Altus! In our last segment I spoke with Cait Abernethy about her marketing role at Altus and what motivated her to join our team. This time, I’m going to be learning more about one of our CRM team members and Solution Architect, Irina Kon. Read on to see what she had to say about working at Altus and what she most enjoys about her position:


What motivated you to join the team at Altus?

From my very first conversation with James and Colin, who are the CTO and CEO of Altus, I knew that the values of this company were aligned with my own, and that is what drew me to Altus. Because Altus only works with clients in the not-for-profit and public sectors, I knew I would be getting to work with some of the best organizations and build systems that truly help people. With a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, I also knew Altus would allow me to further develop my technical skills while working on the newest technologies.


How do your career, your passions, and your life come together?

I found myself dabbling in Microsoft technologies at a very young age. I grew up surrounded by computers, and building systems has always been a passion of mine. As I progressed through my career, with many years spent in consulting, I was able to see the deep impact these systems had on organizations. From replacing fully paper-based operations to full automation, I was able to experience first-hand the efficiencies these systems provided. The work we do enables people to focus on the work they love to do in their own domains, and it enabled me to focus on my passion, the technology.

I’m fortunate that I get to design and build solutions for a living and to work on projects that are meaningful. Along the way, I've met some incredibly inspirational people and learned from them, which helps fuse my personal and professional life together. At the end of the day, no matter how great the systems we build are, they serve little meaning without seeing the positive benefit it has on the community that we're serving.


When did you know working at Altus was the best decision for you?

I knew working at Altus was the best decision for me after getting to know the team. We're all different enough that we can learn so much from one another, but we're similar where it counts: in our goal and our passion to do good for people that make a difference in their communities.


What has been your favourite moment at Altus so far?

So far, my favorite moment has been the keynote speech by Adil Dhalla at Altus Alliance 2016. Having a positive company culture and encouraging social innovation are drivers to stimulate change and create an environment of creativity. Adil's speech was enlightening and inspiring in this regard. He spoke of creating a work environment and a company culture where you work extremely hard to get results, but also have fun doing it. This was amazing to hear because it aligns with my own personal values and work ethic.


What do you most enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m currently pursuing my Master of Engineering degree along with a full time career, so I get a lot of enjoyment when I have even just an hour or two of free time! When I am done school, I hope to travel the world. Most of the people who work at Altus are a well-traveled bunch, which inspires me to go see the wonders of the world. My competitive side would also like to beat Glen, who has visited 55 countries! There is nothing more inspirational than experiencing different cultures and countries to gain insight and perspective.


Are you interested in joining the fantastic work community at Altus Dynamics? If so, visit our careers page to find out more about what it is like to work for Altus and see which positions are currently open.


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