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6 Reasons You'll Love our Improved Timesheets Module

Posted by Gaya Keshavan on Aug 24, 2016 10:00:00 AM


As part of our commitment to constantly improve our ERP solution to increase our clients’ productivity, the product team has worked to enhance the functionality of our Timesheets module. The Timesheet module, which is located in the Time Entry portal, is a tool that streamlines and automates time entry and payroll processing tasks by enabling employees to complete their time entries online and then submit them to their manager for approval. This improved version, which includes additional features, a different look and feel, and an improved user experience, will save your end users a significant amount of time and effort when tracking and logging their hours.

With that being said, here are 6 new or enhanced Timesheet features in the latest release that your users will love:

1. View a Complete List of Timesheets, including Statuses

When employees log on to the Time Entry Portal, they can view a complete list of timesheets that have been previously submitted, along with timesheets that are currently open. The list displays timesheets by status and enables employees to toggle between status views.

Benefit: Easier for employees to find and access timesheet information. 



2. Easier Navigation Within Timesheets

With a new user interface, the Timesheet navigation provides a list of all time entries that employees have added, including details for the work type, category, and the specific day upon which they completed the hours. From this tab, users can create and save new time entries, and edit or delete existing time entries. When employees input data, the total hours worked will be calculated automatically. Furthermore, time entries are displayed by weeks and employees can switch between weeks within the pay cycle. Finally, if employees hold more than one position, they can create and view time entries based on each position individually, or together to see total hours.


When employees click on the link under Category, a pop-up provides additional details for the time entry.


Benefit: Allows employees to navigate quickly to find the right timesheet information.

3. Time Entry Validation and Automatic Save Reminders

Employees often make mistakes when filling out time entries. This is where validation comes into play. The goal of validation is to ensure that employees provide correct and properly formatted information needed to successfully complete their time entries.

As a result, we created a better data validation user experience to prevent such mistakes. Employees will be prompted with a tool-tip message if they have entered invalid data, which will then prompt them to re-enter the data correctly. Finally, if employees wish to leave the page, they will be reminded to save their unsaved changes before doing so.


Benefit: Helps employees correctly fill out timesheets and reduces the risk of losing unsaved information.

4. Copying Entries from Previous Timesheets

If employees have similar or identical schedules, work types, categories, and position(s) from pay cycle to pay cycle, they can save time and effort by copying certain entries from the last pay cycle’s timesheet into the current one.


If employees wish to copy an entire timesheet, they can easily select the Copy Hours check box, which will duplicate the entire previous cycle's hours into the current one.

Benefit: Saves employees time and effort by eliminating an administrative task.

5. Electronically Submit Timesheets for Approval

Once their timesheet is completes online, users can easily confirm and submit their hours for approval directly through Time Entry portal. Managers will then receive a notification that there is a timesheet that needs their attention and can enter the portal to easily review and approve or deny timesheets submitted by employees. Once approved, the timesheet is automatically sent to Payroll for processing and employees will receive an email notification that informs them of whether their timesheet was approved or denied.


Benefit: Allows employers and employees to communicate and access information efficiently.

6. In-Browser Print View                                                                    

With this new release of Timesheets comes an improved printing experience for end users. We have now built a feature that allows employees to print their timesheets from directly within the browser itself. Employees can simply click on a button and the Print View will appear withing their browser, where they can then select Print. Printer settings may vary by browser.


Benefit: Enables employees to print timesheets quicker and easier.

In summary, the Timesheet module has been significantly improved in this release to increase clients' productivity throughout the time entry and payroll process. If you haven't started using Timesheets yet, make sure to check out this feature so that you can start to save time and effort the next time you track and log hours!

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