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People-Centric Productivity for Government

Posted by Chris Carre on Dec 4, 2014 2:00:00 PM

If you are a government based organization you probably already know that citizens and constituents expect seamless, personal and convenient interactions with their government agencies and organizations.

So how do you find a solution that gives you people-centric capabilities? How can you track contact information, interactions, activities, and programs all within a single place, giving you the reach and engagement you need to meet the needs of your citizens and constituents?

I’ve come up with a few considerations for how you can get the best engagement reach and a 360-degree view of your constituents using Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a platform that offers government organizations people-centric capabilities.

Familiar User Experience

As Microsoft Office/Office 365 is the most widely used business solution in the world, your staff are already familiar with Microsoft products such as Word and Excel. With a solution like Dynamics CRM 2013 you’ll get the same look and feel as these products. Microsoft has made a universal effort to provide a similar look and feel, across their platforms - increasing familiarity and usage while decreasing the ramp up time in learning the solution. The better your staff understand the solution the more effective they’ll be at helping your citizens and constituents.

Business Intelligence

With all of your constituent and citizen data in one solution you have a complete view of the available information and can generate more accurate reporting for better insight. With Dynamics CRM you can create and export a report to Excel once and from that point forward you can refresh the data right within Excel. Or you could choose to stay within your CRM system and get unlimited potential from viewing reports and data all within your personalized dashboard.

Collaborative Integrated Tools

Having all of your data in one solution creates ‘one version of the truth’, decreasing errors and leading to fewer miscommunications both internally and externally. Storing all of the information within one solution gives everyone access to the same information at the same time. There’s no time delay of searching through old paper files or waiting for new paper files to be sent to you.

Streamline Processes

Dynamics CRM 2013 can help streamline your work by setting up business processes– minimizing paperwork, reducing errors and alleviating some of the administrative burden. Automated workflows also ensure consistent communication, with the same set messages being sent out under specific circumstances. For example, you could set up a workflow for permit applications – imagine that you simply change the status from ‘pending’ ‘approved’ or ‘disapproved’ and behind the scenes emails are being sent out on your behalf with a personalized message sent to the necessary recipient.


Mobile applications for tablets and smartphones allow workers to access CRM data while on the go or in the field. Things like managing licensing, permit applications, uploading photos of code violations, can all be done easily from the tablet or smartphone version of Dynamics CRM 2013.

Interested to see it in action? Join me next week for a 45 minute live demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I’ll show you how Dynamics CRM 2013 can help your organization become people-centric and offer seamless, personal interactions to your citizens and constituents.

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This Post Was Written By Chris Carre
Chris Carre is our in house Dynamics CRM Specialist, who is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization & Configuration certified as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications certified. He’s been with Sparkrock now for over 2 years, and just recently won our company's Integrity Award.
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