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Posted by Chris Carre on Sep 1, 2016 12:00:00 AM

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Dynamics NAV is full of little user tools that can help speed up your daily activities. Because there aren’t flashing red lights around all of the benefits, we wanted to highlight some of the key tricks within the solution:

OneNote Integration

The ability to write notes in free-form with OneNote allows NAV users to be more creative with the information being put into the system. Whether you’re writing on a customer, item, or invoice, OneNote allows you to detail a process or resolution in far more detail than plain text.

Users also have the ability to attach text and pictures to provide a much deeper insight into a customer history.


The Power of Keyboard Shortcuts

While tabbing has become a Finance and HR professional’s best friend in NAV, whether you’re entering a Journal Entry or Registering an Absence, the F8 button should be as commonly used. When entering a new line on a list, the F8 button copies the cell above it, speeding up the entry for most end users. While I find F8 to be the most useful, the rest of the F keys are also very helpful:

  • F1 – Open NAV Help
  • F2 – Edit the record
  • F3 – Select Type to filter (field filter)
  • F4 – Open the Drop-down or look up to select
  • F5 – Refresh the active window
  • F6 – Go to the next frame (i.e. Navigation, Page, Fact Boxes)
  • F7 – Display record statistics
  • F9 – Post

Leverage NAV Workflows

New to Dynamics NAV in 2016 are in-solution Workflows. What was formerly handled by Dev or a partner solution can now be done within the solution. Organizations can now automate requests, approvals, orders, and much more. While the core solution doesn’t come with pre-set Workflows, you can leverage the templates shown on the bottom.


Partners like Altus also provide pre-made workflows with our solution so make sure you review what is provided by your partner before you start something from scratch.

While core workflows are now easily managed internally, this is still a new feature to the NAV solution. I would say that, while it isn’t a beta, there are still a lot of areas of growth for Workflows in NAV. The triggers and response lists are not that expansive (shown below) but Microsoft has seen the benefit of in-solution Workflow management with other tools like Dynamics CRM and will continue to improve the lists. Luckily, there are a lot of areas that the existing triggers can help organizations.


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