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Head in the Cloud: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 for Nonprofit and Public Sector Organizations

Posted by Kerrie McCreadie on Jul 27, 2015 3:44:00 PM

There’s some exciting news afoot: at this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced the next edition of the Dynamics family: Dynamics NAV 2016.

With the release of Microsoft NAV 2016, we’re looking forward to some finessed integration. Office 365, Power BI, and CRM Online will all work natively as SaaS solutions with the new NAV 2016. Synthesizing these disparate products means that getting all of your work done the way you want has never been easier. There are plenty of new functions, too: everything can go electronic – e-invoicing, OCR, and the ability to add third party data sources – and workflow will allow for process automation. Combine these features with the usability enhancements for desktop, web, tablet, and NOW phone, and we can see how NAV 2016 will be realized as a powerfully multifaceted business solution. What’s really exciting about this newest announcement is that we can see Microsoft’s multiple products come together to form a truly wide-reaching tool. 


The announcement also shows us that Microsoft will continue to keep its commitment to developing cloud-based opportunities. This article on the NAV 2016 announcement highlights in particular Microsoft’s determination to “lead the journey to the intelligent cloud”. Databases can now be put on Azure SQL, instead of a VM with SQL server, integrating Microsoft’s own cloud for optimal Dynamics usage.

As we know, this is particularly important for Canadian organizations—coming next year, Microsoft’s CanadianDynamicsNAV2016 cloud is one of the most exciting new Microsoft developments. This announcement sweetens the deal. Not only will Microsoft’s Canadian cloud meant that NFP and Public Sector organizations with sensitive information can store their data on a home-grown cloud, but Dynamics NAV 2016 will be thoroughly equipped with the skills these organizations need to make a painless and graceful transition. Having your head up in the clouds has never been so appealing!

Whispers around the web suggest that we can look forward to Dynamics NAV 2016 launching sometime this Fall – which, flipping forward in our calendars, is startlingly soon! So far, this tentative date is mostly based on the release of Dynamics NAV 2015, which came out in October 2014. Patterns are a beautiful thing, so let’s join the masses and cross our fingers in anticipation, shall we?

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