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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Expands Its Reach & Flexibility

Posted by Chris Carre on Aug 12, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Dynamics CRM is a strategic application for client relationship management with 40,000+ customers globally, and over 3,500,000 users in more than 80 countries. It’s a widely used, widely supported system – whether you’re a small non-profit or a large multi-national charity. Dynamics CRM is offered in over 40 languages, making it a smart choice for national or multi-national/multi-lingual companies.

Just last week, Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Dynamics CRM announced increased global expansion specifically for CRM Online. Dynamics CRM Online is now able to serve over 50 global markets! A specific example of this global expansion is that Dynamics CRM Online is now available and running within Microsoft’s Latin America datacenter located in Brazil. By using a regionally located datacenter Microsoft can provide the best possible service to their customers in that part of the world. Currently, Microsoft is the only CRM vendor providing this type of service in Latin America and is the vendor with the most expansive CRM Online network worldwide. “Together with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, CRM Online is a critical part of the Microsoft Cloud for Business that delivers experiences that users love and businesses can count on.” Bob Stutz, VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With Dynamics CRM your organization is given the choice between on-premise, partner hosted, or CRM online. Each has it benefits, and the power of choice gives your organization the ability to get the ‘right fit’ solution for your needs.


Dynamics CRM provides the complete solution for the Public Sector. Offering Donation & Pledge Management, Membership Management, Student Registration & Alumni Management, Training & Registration Management, Event Management, and Grant Management. Your organization can choose to have all of these applications or just some of them in your solution.

What will Dynamics CRM give your organization?

  • Ease of Use – Dynamics CRM has reduced the amount of clicks to insert and adjust information, and allows you to maximize screen real estate by minimizing navigation.
  • Visual Representation – You have the ability to pull all the information from an entity, and create personalized views, charts and dashboards.
  • Personalization – End users can tailor the solution based on their day-to-day needs by using drag and drop, and personalizing dashboards.
  • User Friendly Automation – Process Driven UI helps standardize steps, and allows transition between entities.
  • Help Tools – Customized for each page to get you exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Integration to core Microsoft tools – Dynamics CRM is a Microsoft tool, which gives you seamless integration into Excel, Word, SharePoint, and Outlook.
  • More Configuration, Less Customization – New tools allow for less coding, and instead your organization can configure Business Rules and Workflows.
  • Increased Security Options – Dynamics CRM lets organizations set up security roles where you decide who can create, read, write, delete, append, append to, assign, and share certain information.

Interested in seeing a live demo of Dynamics CRM? Register Now for our upcoming webinar (Wednesday, August 13th, 2pm EST) where we’ll be giving an overview of Dynamics CRM 2013 and answering any questions you have about the solution.

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Chris Carre is our in house Dynamics CRM Specialist, who is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization & Configuration certified as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications certified. He’s been with Sparkrock now for over 2 years, and just recently won our company's Integrity Award.
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