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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Features and Highlights

Posted by Chris Carre on Oct 2, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Microsoft has focused on five key areas for the Dynamics CRM 2015 release: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Social Media and the Technology Platform. Their goal is to break down the silos between departments within organizations and create a cohesive, synergistic organization. “Unlike vendors that want to separate businesses by selling them countless different clouds and solutions, we have designed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to facilitate the kind of collaboration that businesses need to thrive and grow,” Bob Stutz, corporate vice president, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Below are some highlights of new features coming in the Dynamics CRM 2015 release. 

Campaign Management 

You can engage constituents one-to-one across channels and demonstrate the impact of your campaign investments in real-time to your stakeholders. Here are some highlighted new features:

  • Email Editor – select pre-defined templates or create an Email from scratch using an interactive drag and drop build process.
  • Campaign Management Console – now offers multi-condition triggers to fine tune responses.
  • Resource Management – improved collaborative marketing with the new Marketing Calendar and click to call capabilities from Lync.
  • Process Automation – make sure your team is aligned by designing approval processes with easy status tracking.
Customer Service 

Social and mobile have changed expectations of how people interact with organizations. People expect high quality, consistent service – whether that’s on the web, mobile, or through social networks. Dynamics CRM 2015 enables organizations to build loyalty and provide relevant, proactive and personalized experiences with its new case management features. 

Social Listening 

Today’s donors are more informed than ever before and decisions are heavily influenced by online presence and reviews. Microsoft has developed an integrated social listening tool for Dynamics CRM 2015 which includes some key features like:

  • Analyze what people are saying – monitor what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and even videos.
  • Gain Social Insights – location filters can narrow your data set, offering better analysis and reporting.
  • Geographic Availability – listen to social conversations in over 19 languages!
Technology Platform

Some key new features and enhancements have been made to the Dynamics CRM 2015 platform:

  • Search – this enhanced search feature allows you to navigate across records and offers you a full list of matching search results.
  • Outlook & CRM Synchronization – You can easily synchronize fields between CRM and Outlook such as assigned tasks and appointment attachments.
  • Business Rules – first introduced in CRM 2013, now have new enhanced features like write once, execute everywhere and support for default values and behaviours.
  • Field Level Security – you can now restrict access to custom fields protecting all sensitive data. 
Technology plays an important role in allowing organizations to engage effectively with their constituents. Dynamics CRM 2015 helps organizations unite their marketing, sales and service teams with the insights they need to deliver amazing customer experiences every time.

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