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And the winner is…!: Celebrating Microsoft’s destinationcrm success

Posted by Kerrie McCreadie on Aug 14, 2015 1:27:07 PM


Selecting the technology that will support you in achieving your goals is a hugely important choice. When you make the commitment to a CRM system, you need to make sure that that system is the one that covers both your broad, industry-related needs and your specific, you-related needs.

This week, announced the winners of their 2015 CRM Market Leader ratings and acknowledgements. Excitingly, Microsoft is the winning leader of CRM products in all three of the size-based categories: Enterprise (supplanting the longtime usual winner,, Midmarket, and Small-Business. This is an incredibly sweeping acknowledgement of all the good the Microsoft solution can do—and for good reason, because being able to provide excellence for all three levels is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Curious how Microsoft won in all sections? Check out this highlights list:


  • Microsoft invests in CRM, which means that it’s a sophisticated program across sales, marketing, and service
  • Integration with Office 360 and PowerBI
  • Improved Suite of integrated customer engagement processes
  • The strong parature capabilities and knowledge base
  • Ability to reach clients via multiple touch points



  • A platform environment through which users easily integrate various components
  •  Access to related products that enhange client engagement via multiple touch points
  • Organization-wide intelligence gathered and supported by Microsoft’s Business Analytics Platform
  • Strong company, strong partners (that’s us!)
  • Added investment in CRM


SMALL BUSINESS (2-time winner!)

  •  Incredible functionality
  • Dedicated to continual improvement
  • Full integrated, converged suite of products
  • Enhance customer engagement through multiple touch points
  • Organizationwide intelligence supported by PowerBI and Azure Data Services
  •  Integration with Office 365
  • Easily collaborate on and execute client engagement strategies


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