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Microsoft Cloud Touches Down in Canada

Posted by Colin Dickinson on Jun 4, 2015 4:46:00 PM

Opening Possibilities for Non-Profits & Public Sector Organizations

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced their plan to deliver commercial cloud services from Canada. Coming in 2016 for Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online this new service strengthens the competitive landscape of ‘Canada’s Cloud’.

This changes the game – particularly for our customers in the non-profit and public sector. Dealing with data privacy and compliance issues they’re often restricted, or just simply concerned, about their data being hosted outside of Canada. By opening a Microsoft Cloud hosting service in Canada this reduces their concerns and often eliminates any privacy compliance issues.

We are very pleased with this announcement from Microsoft. What it means for our customers is that they can now start to implement the cloud version of our solutions – and benefit from the cost savings that come with it.

This announcement was made just days ago and already we have heard enthusiasm from our customers. Several of which fully intend to make the switch from on premise to the cloud when the hosting service opens in 2016.

Both Microsoft and the people here at Altus Dynamics are committed to giving our customers the best solutions possible. This leap forward in the ‘Canadian Cloud’ lets us do just that.

Read the full Microsoft Press Release

To learn even more about Microsoft’s Cloud Touching Down in Canada go here.


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