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Managing The Upgrade Process to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online

Posted by Joseph McWhirter on Dec 15, 2014 12:30:00 PM

Note: This notice applies to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers.

In this article I will explain how to use Microsoft’s CRM Online Instances page for upgrading your organization’s CRM solution. This is primarily geared toward customers looking to upgrade to CRM 2015. Please note, that you must be a system administrator to schedule any CRM upgrade.

How am I informed of an update?

CRM system administrators are informed of updates in three ways;

  1. Instances in the CRM Online Administration Center
  2. Notifications that appear in your CRM Online web application
  3. Update notifications emailed directly to you
Understanding the Update Information

As a system administration you can access the “CRM Online Instances” page where you can find details of all current CRM upgrades.


Area Description
A Shows the current schedule and allows you to reschedule.
B Shows the CRM Online target version.
C Click or tap Approve Update Schedule to proceed with the scheduled update.
D Click or tap Notify to add others to get the update notification emails, in addition to system administrators.
E Shows your current version of CRM Online and your scheduled primary and secondary update dates.
Approving an Upgrade

You must be a system administrator to approve an upgrade, you also must approve an upgrade before it will happen – upgrades are not done automatically.

From your “CRM Online Instances” page click on Approve Update Schedule for each individual upgrade you wish to schedule.


Reschedule an Upgrade

Again, you must be a system administrator to reschedule upgrades.

From your “CRM Online Instances” page, click on Reschedule.


This will bring you to a tab where you can enter in your Preferred Date and Time for the upgrade, as well as an Alternative Date and Time. Once you have selected these dates and times you will need to click Approve Update Schedule to approve the process.

Checklist for the CRM Online Update

Most of the upgrade process is handled by Microsoft, however there are a few things that the system administrator must do to prepare.

  1. Know when your upgrade is scheduled.
  2. Involve your Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner - Please contact us for guidance and assistance with your online upgrades.
  3. Watch for communications from Microsoft – you will receive several email communications for upcoming scheduled upgrades. Notifications will also appear in your CRM message bar.
  4. Verify your customizations are compatible – take the time to check your customizations. You can use a sandbox instance to test customizations prior to an update and identify and fix any issues that arise.
  5. Notify your users prior to the update of CRM – users will need to know the system will be unavailable during the upgrade.
  6. Watch for Update Completion or Reschedule emails from Microsoft – you will be notified once the upgrade is complete and ready for use again.

Please contact Chris Carre,, if you have any questions or concerns about using the online upgrading system.

To read the full Microsoft release on this topic, click here.

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