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Looking to the future at your School Board

Posted by Katherine Budreau on Apr 30, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Technology today continues to advance at an accelerated pace. It is not just based on Moore’s Law but also on users’ expectations and desire for new ways to communicate, work and interact with their world. Today, people are leaders in the use of technology outside of work, and appreciate it when they can seamlessly transition to comparable technology at their workplace. As the younger workforce replaces the old, the mindset around what is acceptable technology is changing and organizations need to react accordingly. DOS screens or highly manual process are not going to attract the talent they need to help organizations carry out their mission.

For over 10 years, this is what we have done for our School Board customers and we realize that oftentimes School Board budgets can be tight. It is still important however to invest the time and money into a software solution with up-to-date technology, that is flexible to grow and expand as your needs change. Here are just some of the reasons why;

  1. Technical Support - A key reason to consider upgrading your administration software for schools is for the technical support. Software companies including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage etc will often stop supporting older versions of their solutions (sunsetting) which means you will run into major complications (and have no help in fixing the problem) if issues arise. Staying current on supported versions therefore insulates your organization against that risk.
  2. Security – The recent Heartbleed vulnerability highlighted the importance once again of maintaining the highest, most up-to-date security and possessing the ability to react. School Boards’ systems contain vast amounts of sensitive information, from student information and grades to thousands of staff SIN numbers and payroll. Running a modern system, supported by the latest in security technology safeguards that data, ensuring the organization minimizes its exposure to leaks or malicious attacks.
  3. Operational Impact - By upgrading your solution such as Dynamics NAV, you’ll gain new BI and analysis capabilities, increased efficiency, better reporting, and business process improvement. And of course you’ll obtain better collaboration tools that are offered with newer products such as integrations to social channels like Yammer or constituent relationship management via Dynamics CRM.
  4. Additional Software Infrastructure - It’s also important to maintain a consistent level of infrastructure across your organization. If your School Board is running or implementing Office 2013 you would benefit by updating your old Dynamics NAV software simultaneously. Having staff using the latest technology in one part of their job and an old technology in another is off putting and frustrating. Integration improvements alone will increase the productivity across the organization as systems share information and move it in and out of the system seamlessly. As you would expect, Office 2013 will integrate better and run more seamlessly with a newer version of Dynamics NAV than it would with a much older NAV software.

If you are struggling with or see the benefits of moving to the latest technology, we can help your organization implement or upgrade the software, increasing collaboration across your organization and create a seamless infrastructure. We currently provide ERP (Dynamics NAV) software solutions to over 10% of Ontario School Boards and have the skills and expertise to provide your Board with up to date technology. Just ask Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Our first School Board client almost 10 years ago, they have just upgraded to the latest version of Dynamics NAV with great expectations and anticipation of the benefits it will bring.

If you would like to know more, we’re attending OASBO 2014 Education Industry Show next week (May 8th), visit us at Booth 26 and we’d love to have a chat about your organization’s software technology.




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