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Looking forward with Microsoft Dynamics

Posted by Colin Dickinson on Jul 20, 2015 4:54:09 PM

If you’re working with technology, you know that forward-thinking is the best kind of thinking. So how is Microsoft Dynamics making sure that it’s one step ahead of the game? According to, we’ve got plenty to look forward to!

For one thing, Microsoft Dynamics ensures that your priorities are always on transformation and metamorphosis. After all, Dynamics themselves are in the process of transforming. They’re moving from the Applications & Services division to the Cloud & Enterprise group—a move that reflects the trend of CIOs who are dedicated to merging the interests of both business leadership and IT. In the linked article below, suggests that Cloud & Enterprise makes a lot more sense for what Dynamics is becoming. Unlike email and or document storage, Dynamics isn’t just another IT system. It’s a key mechanism for you to put in place to ensure that your organization’s functions are optimized and adaptable.


There’s also tons of room for customization and personalization—every organization is its own special genus of beast, and each one needs its own kind of music to be soothed. Microsoft’s App Services was actualized this year, bringing with it an interface that supports organizations' efforts to create them-specific systems and apps. What was once an EDI and application integration tool is now a powerful medium for easily creating phone, web, and logic apps that suit the needs of any particular business. With Microsoft Dynamics, we anticipate business environments that embrace both the industry-wide standards and business-specific needs.

And while we’re talking about integration, transformation, and malleability—Dynamics software visualizes a landscape where the tech and business sides of organizations work together. By embracing a DevOps perspective, Microsoft Dynamics fosters relationships between IT and business process methodologies. By bridging communications and development between both IT and business leaders, Microsoft Dynamics works to bring your organization together as a single unit: a well-oiled machine.

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