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Is Your School's Financial Management System Failing?

Posted by Katherine Budreau on Aug 20, 2014 5:00:00 PM

Failing_718Let the school year begin!

It’s only a few weeks until millions of students head back to school all across Canada and as the school year begins and summer holidays wind down, your organizations staff will be getting back into the swing of things. The bad news? As the demands of the school year begin, memories of the challenges your financial software was giving you (that had all but vanished while feeling the sand between your toes) start to trickle back in.

How do you know when your system “Needs Improvement”?

Spending Too Much Time in Excel:

quote-20-8-14Do you spend a lot of time manipulating figures outside of your accounting system and manually updating Excel spreadsheets? This is one of the most common frustrations we see when talking to people in the education sector. They come to us looking to reduce manual entries and gain the resultant efficiency boost within their finance department and beyond. An efficient solution should be able to easily handle the processing and reporting within the system. For those who do want to carry out additional analysis in a tool like Excel, the import/export feature should be easy and seamless. For example the latest release of Dynamics NAV 2013 now refreshes the data within the Excel spreadsheet without having to run an entirely new report! On older versions of NAV you were only able to copy from NAV to Excel – now with this new version you can copy from Excel back into NAV. This allows you to copy rows of setup data without having to run data migration tools.

Lacking Core Functionality:

In older versions of NAV, the look and functionality was not in-line with the rest of the Microsoft suite. This made it non-intuitive and training users on the system took quite some time. Now, with NAV 2013 the core functionality has been upgraded to match the rest of the Microsoft product suite. Short cuts like Select All, Copy/Paste, Find, and Quick Entry are all now available in NAV 2013. These features are intuitive to most users, which allows for quicker adoption of the product and increased efficiency when using it.

Out of Date Records:

If the data is not collected and available in real time, you are virtually ‘trying to cross the road using an old photo of where the traffic used to be’. Not ideal! With the new WEB client, NAV 2013 can be viewed on any system in a web browser without the need for installation on your computer. This allows more occasional users, easy, security enhanced access to relevant information without the requirement for complex computer systems. Through Microsoft SharePoint you can set up websites to share Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 data and information to people within or outside of the school or Board. You can access this data anywhere, and it instantly refreshes in SharePoint when a change is made in Dynamics NAV 2013 thus providing you with the most up to date information to make the best decisions. Like using a cross walk complete with a crossing guard!!

Your Hardware Is Failing: old-pc-150

Is your computer running slower every day? Do you have two computers on your desk? One for your finance system and one for your everyday use like Microsoft Office or accessing the internet? If the hardware that your finance software is on is failing – it’s time to consider upgrading your software so it can run on a more modern piece of hardware! Retire your old computers and upgrade to the latest software - no need for multiple computers anymore!

No Remote Access to Your Finance System:

Have you ever been out at one of your schools or at an industry conference like OASBO, ASBOA, etc. and needed to access the finance system back at the office? Well the newest version of NAV is mobile and cloud ready. You can access up-to-date finance records from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. This gives you the ability to look up data such as contact records, or edit details and make changes such as approving or making purchase orders.

The good news? Not every educational organization suffers from these specific issues, but these are common frustrations we see every day. Of course this list is not exhaustive! Whatever challenges your organization is having with its current finance and/or HR/Payroll solution, we want to help. We believe that Dynamics NAV 2013 is a fantastic software tool and have worked hard to customize it to the specific needs of the education sector.

If this has sparked a bit of curiosity about Dynamics NAV 2013 check out our website page with more information. To see the solution 'live' sign up for our free webinar on September 18th.

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