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Is your accounting system impacting your ability to hire and retain staff?

Posted by James Faw on Jan 27, 2015 9:30:00 AM

If you hadn’t thought about it like that, you may want to start.

Today, when it comes to the tools your organization is using – they can either be a help to hiring or a hindrance to your efforts. To attract the best and brightest means deploying solutions that are modern and intuitive. With tech savvy workers today, they expect a certain level of work tools within the organization to help them get their job done right and efficiently. Case in point, you wouldn’t offer a new field staffer a recycled 5 year old cell phone on their first day! That would not be creating a positive first impression, quite apart from the loss in productivity old technology produces.

man-computer-annoyedBack office software such as your accounting solution is no different. Can you honestly say it could be used as a tool to attract new staff? Or would the more technologically sophisticated candidate (young or not) have nightmares about using such a ‘relic’ to do their job?

Of course the inverse also holds true. If you have a modern ERP system in operation, one which provides the features and functionality the market expects, it makes your organization a more attractive place to work. What are these expectation? From our experience, below are three of the main ones to look out for;

  • Personalization: on a per-user level will give each staff member faster access to the information they need to do their job. ERP systems house a lot of information, no one staff member needs to see it all – having to sift through that information would just bog them down so just show them what they need
  • Intuitive interface: promotes better user adoption across end-users and offers a good training tool for new employees. A solution that is familiar and intuitive will increase the success of staff adoption rates and reduces staff turnover (ramp up time in learning an intuitive solution takes less time). If it makes sense and is easy to use, a staff members’ job becomes easier and less frustrating, increasing job satisfaction and productivity
  • Roles & Dashboards: merging all the daily activities into a single screen or dashboard. This ties nicely back into personalization, with a role tailored dashboard being the first thing a staff member sees when they log onto the solution they get a head start on the information they need

If you would like to know more, download our eBook on “11 Ways to Recognize an Epic Accounting System”. You could also view a recent webcast entitled “Make 2015 the year to modernize your ERP.” Click here to access the recording.

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