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4 Critical Features of an Effective Case Management Solution

Posted by Chris Carre on Nov 8, 2016 10:24:00 AM

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With demand for social services increasing, organizations are feeling the need to improve their case management capabilities by partnering with a case management solution provider. These solutions allow organizations to effectively manage client data, efficiently track and report on client outcomes, and ultimately provide greater quality of service. When selecting a solution for your organization, there are many features that are important in order to serve your clients effectively. The following are 4 features that are essential to a case management solution in order to ensure the highest quality of care and program delivery:

Singular Record

Most organizations struggle with multiple databases or hard copies of all records for the individuals they support. Bringing all this information into a single record provides a holistic view of an individual without having to go search for information scattered in a variety of sources. Individual profiles allow users to capture personal and activity information about a client within an intuitive, user friendly interface.

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Singular Database

Beyond an individual's record, the solution should be able to capture and display medical, allergy, diagnosis, and incident information for each individual. Also, as a relational database, the solution is able to connect information to provide multiple perspectives to users, so you can see all allergies for a single individual or all individuals for a specific allergy.

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All Individual Contacts

Whether personal or medical, users have access to the key people in an individuals’ life. Similar to the ‘holistic view’ described above, the database will allow you to track an individual's full relationship status and appointment history with each person.

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  • Full medical and personal contacts lists are accessible on each individuals record

Deeper Insight

As information begins to populate and update, your organization now has a single source for information that can be compared against programs, services, intake, referrals, and much more. This information is easily compared and set up with user friendly searches and charts. The information now becomes less cluttered and can be actionable based on the trends you're seeing.

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  • A case manager's dashboard where users can view their team to make sure there’s an even distribution

It is important that organizations partner with a case management solution provider that has the features you need in order to provide the highest quality care for clients. With the right solution, organizations can make a greater impact towards their cause amidst a time of heightened demand for social services. If you’re interested in seeing how our case management solution works, please feel free to contact us for a free guided trial!

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