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Our 5 favourite #GivingTuesday strategies to increase donations

Posted by Chris Carre on Nov 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM


It’s coming! Following a weekend of thanksgiving dinners in the United States, the world will celebrate #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015. Since its inception in 2012, #GivingTuesday has harnessed the power of social media and generosity to promote giving at the beginning of the charitable season. This global movement continues to gain momentum, with an estimated 470% increase in online donations on #GivingTuesday since 2012 (Tweet this stat!). To help your organization benefit from this swell in online donations, we’ve created a list of 5 great ideas to increase your nonprofit’s donations on #GivingTuesday 2015.

1) Make it easy to donate: On December 1st, potential donors everywhere will be bombarded by requests to donate. To make sure your organization cuts through the noise, you need to make your website and donation process the easiest to access and complete! This can be done using Calls-To-Action right on your nonprofit’s homepage. A simplified donation form can also help increase donations by not overwhelming everyone that makes it to the landing page.

  • On #GivingTuesday 2014, the team at the Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB) used a multi-channel campaign with pop-up donation buttons on their website. By creating instant awareness to potential donors, they were able to capture total donations of $100,000.

2) Hit up loyal donors: Using your donor management system, you can segment your donor lists and reach out to your most loyal donors who have yet to make a recurring gift. Coupling this technique with the power of the #GivingTuesday movement, your nonprofit can not only attract new donations but also remind previous donors that today is the day to donate!

  • Wildlife SOS deploys fundraising strategies that allow for donors to turn into lifelong supporters. By the time #GivingTuesday came around, they already had a list of loyal donors who they could contact for year-end giving.

3) Consistent branding on all channels: The easiest way to get the message out to all of your donors is to make customized but consistent #GivingTuesday branding. Emails, website, and social media pages should all have the same imagery to promote #GivingTuesday on the day and the weeks leading up to it. By keeping a level of consistency in your campaign efforts, you’ll ensure that your message is clear and heard, which will increase your donation potential.

  • In 2014, BBAR developed a campaign focused on 11 rescue dogs from Georgia. For #GivingTuesday, the dogs were the focus of all fundraising efforts and imagery; they even live-tweeted the rescue of the dogs! Through the consistency of their campaign branding, they captivated online audiences and donors on #Giving Tuesday.

4) Social media campaigns: Possibly the most effective platform for organizations to increase their donations as it reaches both your organization’s followers and the supporter’s own social network. Creating a campaign on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can increase your engagement and reach, while in turn increasing potential donors.

  • Give Kids the World used this technique with much success in 2014. They engaged their social networks by encouraging supporters to take selfies of themselves with "2" written on their hands, to represent the double impact of their donation and social share on what they called "Giving Twosday".

5) Meet your (donation) match! A common tactic used by nonprofits in previous years has been to partner with a foundation, company, or major donors to match your #GivingTuesday donations. By finding a major donor to match previous donations, you can also encourage your regular donors to give on the basis that their giving can have “double impact”; the impact of their donation and the benefit of the major donor matching it.

  • With a promise to match every donation given to Pathera on #GivingTuesday, the Recanati Kaplan Foundation matched their donations of $489K to the organization in 2014. That's a total of $978K donations in just one day!

Want to learn more about increasing your holiday donations? Check out our webcast Beyond Year’s End: Donor Engagement Strategies for Extending Holiday Giving.

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