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Improving Fundraising to the Non-Profit Sector

Posted by Nicola Dickinson on Mar 10, 2014 5:00:00 PM

Often non-profit organizations are 100% donation funded. It is these donations that make it possible for churches, associations, educational institutions, and other types of non-profit organizations to operate. However, most non-profit organizations waste thousands of dollars a year due to inefficiencies in their donor management solutions when trying to secure donations. With Altus Dynamics Donor Engage you can maximize your donations while minimizing your time and costs. Donor Engage is a flexible, cost effective tool that is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is sure to cut costs in your organization and improve your donations.

Are you asking for donations from people who haven’t donated in more than 5 years? Or perhaps you are sending two separate mailings to the same house? Or the wrong house? Donor Engage contact management is able to track the time since each contact has donated, and if you haven’t received a donation from them in years (or ever) then you shouldn’t spend money and time sending them mailings or emails. Donor Engage can also track multiple people in the donor database at the same address, this will save your organization money by sending one mailing to a single address instead of several. To track if your contact has moved, Donor Engage integrates with InsideView to update your CRM records with up to date information, including address changes.

Donor Engage also integrates with Microsoft Outlook which allows you the opportunity to send thank you letters, acknowledgments and more right from CRM. Donor Engage comes with standard templates for thank you letters, acknowledgments, and many others so you don’t need to spend the time creating these files from scratch – saving you precious time.

A key feature necessary to maximize your organizations donations is quick and efficient credit card processing. Donor Engage can manage credit card payments directly through CRM and it also has the capability to integrate with the payment portal on your website. This allows you do accept donations from more avenues and to track them all in one software solution. Integrating website donations with mailed donations and/or phone donations optimizes your donation tracking – while eliminating the risk of duplicate contacts in your database.

In today’s market place, social media is one of the best way for non-profits to communicate with their donators and volunteers. Our donor management software allows you to add social media contact information to each contact in your CRM database. This tool creates an opportunity to get more personal with your volunteers and donors. A fantastic way to use this tool would be to tweet a personal thank you to your donor after they donate money, or to send an acknowledgement to your volunteers. This type of personal recognition will increase the chances of repeat donations and repeat volunteers. It will also cause the generation of new donors and new volunteers through the social media web.

Donor Engage is a tool designed to help you navigate the modern world of donations and funding by minimizing inefficiencies to save you money and time and maximizing fundraising through integration and social media.


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