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Humans of Altus - Suzy Konstanteen

Posted by Meghan Holmes on Jan 12, 2017 1:14:47 PM

Welcome to another edition of Humans of Altus! In our last segment we spoke with Jeff Rintoul about his role in our Professional Services Department. Here at Altus Dynamics, we're all about making our clients happy and ensuring they get the most out our solutions. Meet one of the newest member of our team, Suzy Konstanteen, who is working as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst and shares our goal of customer satisfaction. Read on to see what she had to say about working at Altus and what she most enjoys about her position:

What motivated you to join the team at Altus?

I first came into collaboration with Altus working with them on a month-long project as a contractor. I really enjoyed working with such an amazing team in a friendly, welcoming environment and admired their dedication to customer success and satisfaction. I had such a great experience working with Altus, that when I got an offer to work for them, I accepted right away. 

How do your career, your passions, and your life come together?

I'm very passionate about software testing and ensuring everything I do is done with attention to detail and is of the highest quality. I studied computer and system engineering in Egypt, and was always the one to test projects and assignments to find issues, and then fix them right away. I help break down systems into small parts and take care of minor details with a goal of customer satisfaction. I'm very driven to deliver quality solutions, and I find deep satisfaction knowing the customer is happy. These passions led me to where I am now, working in a welcoming environment with a team that empowers me pursue my passions and reach my goals. 

When did you know working at Altus was the best decision for you?

It is only my third month here at Altus, but every day I'm reminded of why I started working here and how much I love my job. I enjoy working with a small group of professionals and being able to work so closely with clients. Every time I get positive feedback from a client, I'm filled with joy and realize that I am in the right place. I've found my home away from home. 

What has been your favourite moment at Altus so far?

Meeting customers and being able to work closely with them are definitely my favourite moments. Having the chance to meet so many diverse, interesting people is very rewarding, and I always find myself learning new things about the industry. Understanding their process, helping them find exactly what they need for their business, and seeing their positive reaction makes it all worthwhile. In my first week here at Altus, I worked with a school board and was able to meet every member of their team in person and visit their city. It was so nice to meet everyone and do business together in a more personalized, friendly approach, which I really appreciate. When I get a thank you card or phone call from a client saying that they're satisfied with our products and my help, I'm on cloud nine. 

What do you most enjoy doing outside of work?

My life outside of work is all about family. I have a very active 3 year-old who takes up most of my time, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We love doing arts and crafts, such as painting and other fun projects, and love to travel as a family. We've travelled all around Europe, including Italy, France, and Germany, which are some of my favourites! When I do have time to myself, I enjoy reading and listening to music.

Are you interested in a rewarding career at Altus? We're always on the hunt for new A-players to join our team, so take a look at our open positions and see if there might be a fit for you!

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