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Humans of Altus Series: Glen Watson

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Jan 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

In our first Humans of Altus piece you met Nicola Dickinson and James Faw, co-founders of our organization. Now for the second installment of our series, we’d like to introduce you to Glen Watson, one of our Solution Architects who has been with the company for over a decade.

We sat down with Glen to learn more about why he chose to come work at Altus, and how his passions outside of the office line up with his role. From his answers, we can tell that he really loves our clients and is committed to helping them achieve their goals efficiently. Here is how he responded:




Question: What motivated you to join the team at Altus Dynamics?

Answer: I started with Altus in 2005 and was the 8th employee in the organization. I was so impressed before joining Altus by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product, and by James and Nicola’s knowledge and passion for the clients we serve. The importance of the work done by our clients was the most important reason I chose Altus, because I share the community values of these organizations and their employees and therefore I want to make their professional lives better. The Altus Employee Portal (now called WebApps) was the best single example (within ERP) of how Altus has invested in the development of solutions to address our client requirements. And Altus is continuing to adapt that development investment as requirements evolve due to ever-changing ways of working – primarily due to technology enhancements (such as tablet and mobile functionality), but also functional processes in general.


Q: How do your career, your passions, and your life come together?

A: While I enjoy Accounting and ERP systems, as I mentioned above it is the great customers we have at Altus that keeps me passionate about my work. I am involved with a number of charitable organizations outside of work and I know the challenges they face in minimizing the administration role in order to maximize the operational and value-added benefits to their key stakeholders. So I feel most satisfied at Altus when I am able to help our clients in reducing their administrative burden, while providing easy-to-use tools to some of their front line workers and managers. I also enjoy sharing knowledge, so [I] am grateful that I can pass along my understanding of Dynamics NAV and financial processes garnered over the years. This is primarily to clients, but also includes assisting colleagues at Altus in my role as Solution Architect.


Q: In all of your time at Altus Dynamics, what has been your favourite moment?

A: The Altus Alliance conference is a highlight every year because I am able to spend time with our clients, but more so because they are able to spend time with each other. It really contributes to the sense of an Altus user community that I feel is unique. It also gives us a chance to bring clients up to speed on things they might not be aware they could be doing, and to showcase what is coming from a Product perspective. And because it’s all about the clients for me, my favourite moments have been when they achieve success. Unfortunately the nature of the software industry is that not all of our days at Altus can be perfect, and not every implementation can be a positive experience for our clients 100% of the time. But I hope that at the end of the day we’ve delivered the best possible solution and achieved that as efficiently as possible, resulting in a highly positive experience. You could say that my best days achieve the highest return of ‘positivity’!

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