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Humans of Altus Series: James Faw & Nicola Dickinson

Posted by Kerrie McCreadie on Dec 7, 2015 6:05:27 PM

"Together for the greater good".

JamesNicola_Screen.jpgWhen you walk in the front door of the Altus Dynamics office, you see this phrase stretched out along our entranceway. A sense of togetherness is something that we value very highly in our organization. Whether it's the togetherness we foster with our customers and their missions, or just in our day-to-day goings-ons with our colleagues, we know that it's the people we work with who will effect whether or not we reach our goals.

Which is why we've started this newest series, Humans of Altus, where we'll be profiling different employees and learning about their work, their dreams, and their passions.

To start? Our co-founders, Nicola Dickinson and James Faw.

Watch the video:




“I grew up with parents who worked for an international mission organization…[so] I felt like I understood firsthand what the lives were like for our end users…And then, while I was in school, I worked for an organization that worked with children with accessibility needs. And I worked hands-on in several group homes with those children. I was able to develop a real understanding about the needs of our clients. It’s really exciting to bring those things together while developing our products, and developing the implementation processes for our clients.”

- James Faw, Co-Founder



 “I love the Nonprofit sector. I’ve always had an affinity for it. Whether through high school, university…I’ve always volunteered my time and tried to take advantage of opportunities where I can help to make a difference. So by coming to work here every day, I get that opportunity. I get to talk to really impressive people working in the Nonprofit sector and helping them address challenges, and helping them grow. So that’s really a fantastic win for me.”

- Nicola Dickinson


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