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HR & Payroll Issues K12 School Boards Face (And How to Deal With Them)

Posted by Natalie Khan on Aug 10, 2016 3:03:32 PM


Whether you’re in Finance, HR, Payroll, or IT, you face the same big challenge—how best to manage the growing complexity of school business operations, while confronting shrinking budgets and growing mandates for stricter accounting and reporting standards.

Looking specifically at HR and Payroll, these areas are an integral part of managing your school board’s administration efficiently, but are also areas that are constantly changing due to Ministry demands and requirements. Here are some of the bigger challenges facing school boards when it comes to HR and Payroll, as well as how you can leverage technology to make these important tasks easier.

Complex Salary Allocations

HR and Payroll can be complicated for many school boards, and we’ve seen many boards struggle when trying to manage these processes on outdated solutions. One example of this is the process of allocating salary costs for each employee. While this is usually simple for most organizations, in school boards, many employees hold multiple positions with different salaries attached to them, so this process can become increasingly complex. With an integrated solution, your school board can easily set up defined salary information within the system and then allocate these to certain staff for fast and paperless payroll processing.

AdobeStock_54894346_reports.jpgChanging Ministry Standards for Reporting

Another added difficulty school boards are facing is the constantly changing Ministry standards for reporting. On older HR and Payroll systems, reporting can be time consuming and may not give you an accurate reflection of your board’s financial status. With Altus’ solution for K12 school boards, you can easily build analytic reports on the fly and easily compile Ministry of Education and Trustee reports from within the solution, based on pre-set information.

Transitioning from Local Benefits to a Singular Provincial Benefits Plan

Due to the escalating cost of new drugs and concern regarding the sustainability of current school board benefits plans, in 2014 school boards, unions, and the provincial government participated in a study to determine a better model for delivering employee benefits. They found that there were more than 1000 different benefits plans for teachers and education workers throughout Ontario’s 72 school boards. The cost, inconsistency and inefficiency of maintaining such fragmented benefits plans that was found in the study presented the province, the school boards, and the unions with an opportunity to unlock significant long-term savings through a modernization of benefits management and delivery. But the transition from local benefits plans to a singular, harmonized provincial benefits plan has been difficult for many school boards. Without a modern solution that can automatically manage benefits information, school boards are finding that a great deal of time and effort is wasted consolidating the old information with the new.

How to Deal with These Issues

Want to learn more about how our K12 solution supports Ontario school boards payroll compliance in areas such as salary allocations, reporting standards, and employee benefits? Join us for a webinar on August 17 at 2pm EST to learn how our K12 HR and Payroll solution takes the headache out of these processes and allows your staff to get back to focusing on what really matters – creating a nurturing learning environment for tomorrow’s bright minds! 


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