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Don't let Canada's new anti-spam legislation (CASL) hinder your Higher Education digital communication

Posted by Chris Carre on Jul 2, 2015 9:30:00 AM

The list of contacts that a higher education organization has is constantly growing, and each of these contacts needs to be communicated with on a regular basis. What makes this communication even more challenging is that each type of contact requires a different type of engagement. Your prospective students need to be informed about the benefits that your institution can provide them, your current students need to know what changes in the organization can affect them, and your alumni need to be kept informed about how they can get involved.

These three audience types can be broken down even further by interest level in your school, current year of study, program, graduation year, so on and so forth. This can be a lot to manage, and having the ability to effectively communicate with each of these contact segments can have a huge influence on the success of your organization.

The majority of your contacts prefer to be reached through electronic mediums, and this is especially true of your current and prospective students. Some of the best ways to get your desired message across to your contacts are through email, social media and instant messaging. Using these means allows you to take control of your communication efforts by having the ability to track and manage which individuals will receive which messages and when. You can also use these mediums to receive direct feedback from your students and alumni about your communication efforts and whether or not they are beneficial.


As a member of an institute of continued learning, you understand the truth behind the concept of being in a state of perpetual learning. Along with the great benefits that electronic communication can bring, it also comes with the learning element surrounding following the rules and regulations set up around this type of content. Canada’s anti-spam legislation, or CASL, is a relatively new law that applies to all organizations who use commercial electronic messages to engage with their contacts within Canada. Learning how to follow the regulations set out by this law can ensure that your contacts feel that their wishes are being respected, as well as protect your organization from any potential consequences of not being compliant. The biggest learning curve comes from trying to understand how to follow CASL’s rules while simultaneously using the most effective communication strategies.

It may seem like a difficult task, but email marketing and other electronic marketing tools can still be a very useful tool as long as organizations understand the basics of how to comply with CASL.


We hosted a webinar in conjunction with ClickDimensions to provide more information about CASL compliance, as well as email marketing best practices and how to improve your deliverability.

The webinar has passed, but you can watch the recorded webcast.

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To help your higher education organization with engaging your potential, current and past students in a CASL-compliant way, we’ve pulled together some great resources:



Disclaimer: This blog post contains very broad information about CASL and its implications, and it is not to be taken for the law itself. This information is not a substitute for legal advice.


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