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3 ways Donor Engage data helps fire up your fundraising efforts

Posted by Chris Carre on Mar 23, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Being a responsible global citizen is an immensely positive and popular trend in society these days, especially amongst millennials. With donation campaigns going viral worldwide, Nonprofits have more opportunities to catch the attention of potential donors than ever before. While this is an amazing trend, it also means that Nonprofits are going to be competing with each other for the mindshare (and wallet share) of donors.

So, how can your Nonprofit get and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to donations? The best way to do this is to utilize donation management software that allows you to better speak to the hearts and minds of your potential donors.

Understand the connections between contacts

The more donors you have, the more likely it is that some of these donors know each other personally, professionally, or are related. Your communication efforts could be that much more effective if you are able to acknowledge these relationships to your contacts. For example, emailing a group of family members together and asking them if they would like to compete in a family challenge to see who can raise the most in a month could be a lot more fun and engaging than sending standard donation request emails.

Use past donations as a great predictor for future donations

Attracting new donors is great, but retaining donors once you’ve captured them is even better. By using data about past donation trends to personalize your communications, you further prove to your donors that you have a strong understanding of their giving preferences. For example, if a donor traditionally gives about $20 dollars every December during the holiday season, asking them for a donation of $200 in mid-July isn’t likely to resonate with their preferences.

Take donors on a journey

For your donors, the donation process is a journey that begins with their first interaction with your organization and continually grows and evolves with the lifecycle of your mission and your donor themselves. To really take advantage of the ebb and flow of these relationships, utilize pre-set communication workflows in your donation management system that will allow your donors to receive communication that matches their current phase in their lifecycle as a donor and an individual. Show your donors that you really understand their personal needs by matching your communication strategies to information such as your donors’ marital status, age, and geographical location, as well as information such as whether this is their first or hundredth time donating to you.

Altus Dynamics Donor Engage powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful donation management solution that had been designed to do just these things and a lot more. You can check out more of the amazing features here.


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