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From Classic to Role-Tailored, North Bay Health Unit Upgrades to NAV 2013 R2

Posted by Melissa Alvares on May 4, 2015 10:28:00 AM

north-bay-perry-sound-health-unite5001a5efd7e616b81d3ff0000595fbdThe North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit is one of only 36 health units across Ontario. With an expansive reach, the North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit services over 30 municipalities. As a health unit they provide a wide variety of services to their communities such as promoting healthy living, inspecting food premises, supplying vaccines, and keeping the public informed and trained on healthy living.

With such a broad span of services, the North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit requires an ERP solution with core offerings like transparency and integration so that data can be seen across the organization and across departments. In 2009, they made the decision to go with Altus Dynamics ERP version 2009 Classic – which included finance, HR and payroll. The solution offered them a completely integrated system so that people using the solution could access data across all departments which gave them better insight into the business.

As the Altus Dynamics ERP solution continued to evolve, when 2013 R2 was released North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit made the decision to upgrade. The biggest feature add for them was the powerful role-tailored dashboards which can be used across all of their operations – Finance, HR and Payroll. These advanced settings allow each and every end-user to set up a ‘personalized’ work space. It’s the first thing they see when they logon to the system, and it’s exactly what they need to see to do their job. As mentioned above, the North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit offers many different services, resulting in a lot of different data. So just as with their original purchase in 2009, they wanted a solution that had organization wide integration but they also wanted users to be able to ‘sift’ through the data and not get bogged down by irrelevant information. Altus Dynamics ERP 2013 R2 did that for them.

With this implementation process only starting in January, they were up and running on their new ERP solution fast and are already seeing a return on their investment. The North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit was eager to use their new solution and were very actively involved in the upgrading process. They are excited to have completed the implementation in such a timely fashion. With this go live, they are joining the likes of Futurpreneur, TV Ontario, and The Robin Hood Association all leveraging Altus Dynamics ERP 2013.

About North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit

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Melissa truly believes that technology can change the world for the better, and loves that she gets to see that in action every day at Sparkrock. She’s been involved in building computer labs and teaching technology skills in rural Rwanda and Uganda, and locally is a regular volunteer at the Daily Bread Food Bank and mentoring new immigrants through the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)