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FEATURE RELEASE: Dimension Validation by Dimension Value

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Feb 12, 2016 1:30:00 PM


As part of our commitment to constantly advance our product to improve our clients’ productivity, the product team has added a new functionality to our ERP solution called Dimension Validation by Dimension Value. To further explain the details and increased efficiencies that come with this new feature, we spoke with our Product Manager, Teodora Buhteva, to get the full scoop on this new Altus functionality.

Why did Altus create this feature?

After receiving multiple requests from clients to add increased flexibility to the validation functions, we built the Dimension Validation by Dimension Value feature. Previously, users had to manually set up all the possible combinations for all dimensions they were using, creating a great deal of maintenance work to ensure the system was pulling the correct information the user required, which wasn’t ideal.

What does the Dimension Validation by Dimension Value function do?

The Dimension Validation by Dimension Value function adds flexibility and reduces the cost of maintaining dimensions by giving users the enhanced ability to configure which dimensions are to be used by each type of document that is supported within their system. The difference from before is that users can not only specify what type of document they need, but can also specify dimensions to be validated by the type of document.

In addition, we also added a setting called Exact Match, which allows the users to configure whether they want the validation to consider the blank values on a line when comparing against the dimension combination code.

Are there any additional process enhancements with this functionality?

This functionality, in addition to saving the user time during the initial configuration, allows for less maintenance on dimension combinations and makes the reporting more flexible towards individual customers’ needs of how to validate dimensions in various documents.

To conclude, what are the highlights and benefits to users?

The main highlight is that the feature allows users to be proactive and provides a better match between reporting requirements and ease of system configuration and use. It allows users to establish and attach specific values to dimensions, and then validate these dimensions within documents easily and efficiently.


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