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[Feature Release] Absence Management

Posted by James Faw on Jun 2, 2016 9:30:00 AM

The work you do is rewarding, but everyone needs a break sometimes. We know that managing your staff absences is not always an easy task, so we decided to create a solution that would make it easier on our hardworking clients to schedule, review and manage absences.

Working alongside a number of our customers to ensure that we delivered a product that is meaningful to their operations, we've substantially enhanced the current absence management capabilities of our ERP solution to be faster, more reliable, and provide better information drill-down.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the highlights included in this upcoming July release:

Introduction of Attendance Plans & Entitlements

We now support the setup of independent Attendance Plans that can be attached to specific positions or employees. These contain the specific details about the presentation, entitlements and end of year business rules for the individual they are attached to. Entitlement calculations will now be automatically generated from the Attendance Management settings and will no longer require the setup of complicated payroll controls for most types of calculations. This saves time in the setup of a new plan or entitlements and saves overall implementation time by reducing the number of payroll controls that need to be created.  


Improved Presentation for the Employee

With our new release we have also improved the presentation of our Employee Self Service page so that employees can now see their absence balances by category, and drill down to view more specific details within these categories. This approach allows employees to see things such as how much vacation time they have left, with the option to drill down into the details to see what types of vacation (Current Year, Carry Over, etc.) make up that total balance.  


Sequenced Balance Calculations

The absence request process has been substantially enhanced and now supports the ability for employees to consume balances that are sequenced or cascading between balances. For example, if the organization has a rule where an employee must consume Carry Over vacation days before Current Year vacation days, the plan can be set up and the banked days consumed in sequence even though the employee only requested vacation time. 

The quantity calculations (for hours or days) have also been enhanced to take into consideration the aggregate of standard hours per day for all active positions on the date of the request. This is a very accurate and comprehensive way of calculating the exact quantity (hours or days) that will be consumed from the employee absence balances.  


Calendar View of Request, by Status

We also have developed a calendar view that shows all employee absence requests. Entries are categorized by color to easily show their status within a single calendar.  



How can you best leverage this new functionality to be a time-saver for your organization? Register for our upcoming webinar on July 19 at 2pm EST where we will demo the feature and answer any questions you may have.

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