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Equine Canada Enters The Winner’s Circle By Selecting Altus Dynamics ERP

Posted by Melissa Alvares on Apr 10, 2015 1:15:00 PM


Equine Canada is the leading national sport and equine non-profit organization in Canada, which fulfills a broad range of governance, advocacy and development functions. As an organization planning ahead for future growth, they realized that they were quickly outgrowing their old DOS based finance solution – ACCPAC. It was limited in its reporting capabilities and it had become a very time consuming task to get meaningful information out of the application.

They were also looking to move to a solution that provided the potential to integrate to a membership management solution giving better reach to their members and substantial growth potential for the future.

With these requirements in mind, Equine Canada selected the Altus Dynamics ERP, financial management software solution. This intuitive solution provides better access to its operational data, saving the finance and administration team time and ultimately money. With the advanced reporting capabilities within Altus Dynamics ERP they can drill down and get insight into their data that just was not possible with their previous system. Dashboards will provide a better user-experience enabling the Equine Canada staff to do more, in less time. They will now be able to focus on what matters most – providing the best in service to the Equine community.

In the past decade, technology innovations have redefined how users create and access information. Integration amongst platforms and mobile-ready access are things often expected of today’s technology solutions. This was no different with Equine Canada. Altus Dynamics ERP 2015 is mobile ready, giving staff access at any time from any device. 

“With Equine Canada’s plans to expand their platform to include Membership Management, future integration was important. Altus Dynamics ERP 2015 and Dynamics CRM Membership Management have the inter-operability they were looking for,” says Colin Dickinson, CEO at Altus Dynamics.

As Equine Canada is a small but growing organization, having an implementation completed on a tight budget was also high on their list of requirements. By leveraging Altus Dynamics ERP Fast Start, Equine Canada will be up and running in under 90 days allowing benefits and return on investment to be realized rapidly.

About Equine Canada

Equine Canada is the leading national sport and equine organization in the country. It fulfills a broad range of governance, advocacy and development functions, all of which focus, in one way or another, on the horse and draw on the enthusiasm it arouses. As a result of its efforts, Equine Canada is recognized by Sport Canada and the Féderation Equestre Internationale (FEI) as the national governing body for equestrian sport and recreation in Canada. It is the industry sector leader and as such is recognized and supported by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. In particular, its leadership in improving both the quality and condition of horses is lauded at home and abroad. Visit their website:

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This Post Was Written By Melissa Alvares
Melissa truly believes that technology can change the world for the better, and loves that she gets to see that in action every day at Sparkrock. She’s been involved in building computer labs and teaching technology skills in rural Rwanda and Uganda, and locally is a regular volunteer at the Daily Bread Food Bank and mentoring new immigrants through the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)