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Employee Scheduling is Complicated - 3 Things You Can Do to Keep it Together

Posted by Nicola Dickinson on Nov 20, 2014 12:30:00 PM

Blue_Print_718If you’re a social services organization, scheduling is often one of the biggest challenges you face. You not only have lots of employees to schedule across multiple shifts spanning a full 24 hours, but you need to factor in the type of positions, client care needs and even at which location the employee is required.

So how can you keep it all together?

Here are three things you need to think about when it comes to your scheduling tool:

1. Avoid Over-Engineering the Solution

Software applications that offer “fully automated scheduling” — promising that perfect schedules will be generated with one click — are not always the best option. There is a human element to scheduling that you can’t avoid.

2. Think about ‘Assisted Scheduling’ as your strategy

Ensure the solution is easy to use. In some cases, “assisted scheduling” is a faster and much simpler deployment option, and is easier to maintain. In these situations, the software suggests scheduling options to the user, but the manager makes the final edits before assigning it to the employees. We recommend this approach to companies who are implementing an automated scheduling solution.

3. Don’t Shortchange the Implementation

Set up your team for success. Even the right team can’t succeed in a project with ambitious timelines, where the budget for testing and training gets slashed to pay for other components. These short-sighted implementation decisions can result in less than optimal use of some really great software. Make sure you’re ready for a long term commitment to the solution.

Companies that adhere to these guidelines are more likely to select and implement the right solution and realize the ROI they expect. Ignoring them may result in frustration and disappointment, causing you to abandon the software - not realizing the root of the problem was human error.

What other tips have you seen work well for organizations using a scheduling tool? Leave us a comment below!

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Looking for more reading? Here’s a whitepaper about “Integrated Employee Scheduling for Social Services and Supported Living Organizations”.

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