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Don't miss the wave of increased donations during the Holiday Season

Posted by Katherine Budreau on Sep 26, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Presents_718You may or may not want to hear this but… Christmas is less than 100 days away! 

The holiday season is a wonderful time when gift giving and receiving are at an all-time high. Shopping malls are packed, Christmas trees are going up, the snow starts to fall, and everything just seems a bit more cheerful! 

The spirit of giving doesn’t stop there though. For non-profit organizations the holiday season results in, on average a 40%+ increase in donations. So with only a few months to go until the giving season, it’s time for non-profits to think about their donation management system. Is your organization in a position to handle this influx of generosity? Is it tracking everything your organization needs to know and allowing you to maximize your donations? 

A powerful donation management solution can help – but how do you know if that solution is going to be a “shiny new bike” or yet another “pair of socks”? 

Here are some key features your donation management system should have, making it the shiny new bike you know you really want: 

Robust Contact Management – you wouldn’t have a donation management system without the ability to track contacts. You should have a system that can track all of the contact details, preferences (email, direct mail, phone), relationships (family, co-worker, etc.), as well as social media integration as this grows in popularity. 

Opportunity Tracking – You should have a system that allows your staff to track potential donors and allows your staff to set priority to individual opportunities, as well as workflows for different stages of the nurturing process. 

Mail Merge – A key to getting returning donors is sending out the appropriate thank you and tax materials. Your system should have the ability to create personalized printed materials such as thank you cards, acknowledgements, solicitation letters, and more. And don’t forget donation receipting – providing your donors with proper tax records in a PDF format. 

Emailing – It is crucial that your donation management solution has integration to an email system. This way you can track and monitor email activity, see things like which email a donor received, did they donate, etc. This allows you to monitor and adjust campaigns for the best results. 

Donation Tracking – A donation management system should make it easy to add new contacts, track duplicates, upload files to contact accounts, track pledges, gifts in honor and even gift by campaign or source. 

Payment & Website Integration – This is key. Your donation management system should integrate with your website payment portal. This allows you to see and track who donated, how much the payment was, the payment method and when a specific contact donated, all within your donation management solution. Most importantly, this provides another method for donors to contribute in a user friendly manor. 

All of these features are important in a donation management system and will help your non-profit maximize its donation potential during the holiday season. 

To learn more about our Donation Management Solution – Donor Engage – and to see how we can help you increase your donations during the holiday season, click here!

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