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Why IT Professionals Should Not Fear the Cloud

Posted by Natalie Khan on Jul 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM


From our experience working with different organizations in the past, IT departments are rarely thrilled with the idea of implementing a cloud-based solution. Some might think, “wait, wouldn’t IT love the idea of new technology being implemented in their organization? Wouldn’t they be thrilled at the chance to get to utilize something new and innovative?”

The reality of the matter is that many IT professionals do not like the idea of cloud. But why is this?

Well, the unspoken truth is that some IT professionals are not thrilled about cloud implementations because they believe it throws their job security into question. When speaking with IT professionals, they have expressed to us their fear that once their organization implements a cloud solution, eliminating the need for server maintenance and making upgrades automatic, there will be a chance that downsizing will occur in their department - which they feel will ultimately result in the loss of their jobs. It really boils down to the fear of the unknown.

New Call-to-actionIt is true that cloud computing may decrease certain tasks or aspects of an IT professionals job, but does that translate into job loss for IT professionals? The truth of the matter is that no, it does not.

In fact, implementing a cloud solution could have many positive benefits for IT professionals. One benefit is that IT professionals will get back valuable time they used to spend on menial tasks. I have rarely ever run into an IT professional that’s said “I have so much extra time in my day.” In fact, the majority of IT professionals are so busy and have so many requests and projects on the go that they have a hard time keeping up with the demand.

With the cloud, some of those tedious and lengthy tasks (that they didn’t like doing anyway) are now eliminated. No longer will your IT staff have to try and fit 12 hours of work into an 8-hour day.

And as the quantity of tedious responsibilities decreases, IT professionals can now focus their time on projects they actually want to do. They can use their skillset to improve internal processes and develop strategies around using the cloud in an increasingly strategic manner – making them an even more valuable asset to your team. From an organizational perspective, there is nothing better than having an IT staff that can fully use their knowledge and skills to contribute to an increasingly efficient workplace. When it all boils down, the cloud isn’t the enemy, but rather a tool to help reduce unnecessary workloads and tedious tasks and increase your organization’s productivity overall!

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