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Multitenancy in the Cloud, Simplified!

Posted by Davis Campbell on Dec 16, 2015 10:50:00 AM


Unfortunately, I’m not a super technical thinker; I find the real nitty gritty aspects of the cloud to be somewhat overwhelming. But lucky for me, Altus Dynamics’ Senior Application Consultant, Alex Abelev, was able to explain cloud multitenancy in a simplified way that makes sense to the average person.

What is cloud multitenancy?

Multitenancy is a type of software architecture. It basically means that there is a single instance of a software that is running on a server and serving multiple tenants; tenants being organizations or users. The cloud component of the phrase just means that the servers are cloud hosted, but deployed as multitenancy. At Altus Dynamics, a cloud multitenancy deployment would consist of tenants (our customers), using the same configuration, and they would all be hosted on the same service tier, with the application data and code being separated from their individual organization data.

Multitenancy and Deployment Options Simplified


Single Tenant on Premise

car.jpgIt’s like owning a car. As a single tenant hosted on premise, you and only you use and own the servers. Just like the car that you drive and using it to get around; you don’t (have to) share it, and it’s all yours to use.



Single Tenant Cloud

gnargnarcab.pngWhat is the difference between riding in a cab and driving your own car? Besides actually driving, it’s that you don’t own the cab. It’s the same with a single tenant Cloud deployment. You are exclusively using the Cloud server, but it isn’t yours.




Multitenant Cloud

gnargnarbus.pngAlthough similar to single tenant cloud, you don’t own your servers. Put simply, a multitenant cloud deployment is like riding a bus. You don’t own the bus (the servers), you share it with passengers (other tenants), and you are all going to the same place (using the same code and application data). One of the benefits of the cloud hosting is that it can allow for this lower-cost type of deployment.


For everyone out there that has difficulty understanding the technical aspects of the cloud, I hope Alex’s analogy has helped you better understand multitenancy cloud deployment.

Want to learn more about the Cloud? We recently hosted a 5-part webinar series on Microsoft's new Canadian Cloud which is now available as a recorded webcast.

  • Webinar #1: An overview of Microsoft's Canadian Cloud announcement
  • Webinar #2: Roundtable discussion of the pros & cons of the Cloud
  • Webinar #3: Pricing structure and calculating your the TCO of moving to the Cloud
  • Webinar #4: Deeper dive into the technology that enables the Cloud
  • Webinar #5: Understanding your organization's readiness and implementation steps

 Click below to watch the webcasts:

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