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Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board Now Successfully Operating On Their Integrated Altus Dynamics ERP Including HR/Payroll Suite

Posted by Melissa Alvares on Feb 17, 2015 2:41:00 PM

bruce-grey-cdsb-logob4c3195efd7e616b81d3ff0000595fbdBruce-Grey Catholic District School Board made the decision to move from outsourced HR/Payroll to an in-house HR/Payroll solution late last spring. When they decided to make this transition, they knew that as a school board they needed a solution that could handle complex payroll requirements – including managing multiple employee ‘groups’ and payroll processing operating to an Ontario K12 payroll environment.

"When we first began to look for a new HR payroll solution we looked at several different companies and ultimately Altus was the one that was the obvious choice. It would integrate with the finance system - which was what we wanted right from the time we implemented Altus Dynamics Finance in 2009, so it was the logical choice and the right choice." Joyce Benninger, Supervisor of Payroll & Health and Safety, Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Altus Dynamics offered an integrated HR/Payroll solution that gave them three key features. First, they wanted to take advantage of Altus Dynamics’ Advanced Position Management software – this would allow them to manage their complex payroll requirements such as 'groups' and 'locations'. Secondly, as mentioned above, with Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board already using the Altus Dynamics ERP Finance suite they would have the added benefits of integration between finance and HR/Payroll. Lastly, as part of an integrated suite, the school board has rolled out Altus Employee Web Apps to their schools for increased budgetary control and smoother procurement processes. Included in the employee web apps are HR portals that give all board staff access to pay stubs, T4s and their profile information completely online in a secure browser.

With both HR/Payroll and Finance in one place from Altus Dynamics, they now have the complete Altus Dynamics ERP suite. On top of meeting the two key factors mentioned above, they will also get added benefits such as:

  • Improved flexibility in handling payroll

  • Human resource processing

  • Reporting requirements

  • Better cost control

"We’ve just gone live for the last three pays, so we are very, very new to running NAV Payroll and already I can see the benefits. We are now in a situation where we don’t have to process our pay as far ahead as you do when you have an outside provider, it gives us a lot more control on making last minute changes." Joyce Benninger, Supervisor of Payroll & Health and Safety, Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board  

The Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board HR/Payroll system implementation and go-live required extensive setup and testing and with the great team work between them and Altus Dynamics resulted in a successful implementation. “They are a very forward thinking organization,” says Diana Budreau, Client Success Director, Altus Dynamics, “always seeking to ensure that they are making the best use of technology to ensure efficiently and optimal reporting.”

About Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

For more than 160 years Catholic schools have enriched communities through the education of students rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board’ faith in Jesus Christ that is the foundation of their system of education. They want their students to encounter the Lord in their studies, to encounter His goodness and His love, His compassion and His concern in every aspect of their learning, development and experience. To learn more about Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board, please visit their website.

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This Post Was Written By Melissa Alvares
Melissa truly believes that technology can change the world for the better, and loves that she gets to see that in action every day at Sparkrock. She’s been involved in building computer labs and teaching technology skills in rural Rwanda and Uganda, and locally is a regular volunteer at the Daily Bread Food Bank and mentoring new immigrants through the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)