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Cait Abernethy is the Marketing Coordinator at Sparkrock and is excited about marketing trends, enthralled by technology of all kinds, and is interested in the ways local actions can have a global impact.
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How to Map out your Nonprofit Software Selection Journey

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Jan 10, 2017 10:41:00 AM

Researching and selecting a new software solution for your organization is no small feat.

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Tips to Ensure a Successful Software Implementation

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Dec 14, 2016 2:52:18 PM


At the moment, many nonprofit and human service organizations are deciding to ditch their archaic ERP and CRM technology for more robust solutions that are not only integrated, but offer powerful functionality designed specifically for their industry. With an exceptionally easy user experience for both executives and staff, this new technology lightens the load of numerous operational teams so they can get more done in less time, creating an opportunity to have an even greater impact on the people and communities they serve.

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How generosity can help you manage your teams better

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Nov 22, 2016 1:14:23 PM


With Giving Tuesday and the holidays just around the corner, we – as well as many of the clients we work with – have generosity at the top of our mind. And while generosity to others during this time of year is certainly important, it’s also important to remember to be generous within our workplaces as well. A workplace where staff and team members are listened to, appreciated, supported and praised is a workplace where people want to give their best, where people’s ideas and creativity can unfold. Generosity helps to foster this creativity and helps to boost morale and performance as well as mental and emotional wellbeing among employees.

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Trump’s White House Victory Could Spell Money Woes for Nonprofit Charities

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Nov 15, 2016 1:13:04 PM

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The 8 Types of People You’ll Meet at Alliance

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Nov 3, 2016 9:15:00 AM

To all the conference-goers out there, we’d like to pose a question. What’s your mission?

With so many benefits of attending and goals to focus on during a conference, choosing just one can be a tall order. And with Alliance 2017 around the corner, you might be asking yourself: Should you network and make connections with smart people? Or should you stick to learning and diligently take notes during the breakout sessions?

How Techies can Volunteer their Skills to Help Nonprofits

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Oct 25, 2016 8:47:00 AM

When we volunteer our time, we often want to do it not only for causes we are passionate about, but also in a way that uses our best skills. For instance, teachers or parents may want to volunteer to help immigrant children learn English; writers may want to tutor students; doctors may want to travel to help in clinics around the world.

Why An ERP Solution Performs Better In The Cloud

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Oct 21, 2016 12:17:30 PM


You’ve done your research, reviewed RFP responses, calculated and confirmed ROI, and have settled on a new ERP solution that is perfectly suited to meet your organization’s unique requirements – congratulations! The last decision you now have to make is between an on-site or cloud deployment. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, we believe that, without a doubt, an ERP solution performs better overall in the cloud.

Don’t believe us? Here’s why:

How to “Talk the Talk” when it comes to Change Management

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Oct 20, 2016 11:31:56 AM

You’ve likely heard the term “change management” hundreds of times before and used in many different circumstances. It is a common term used by leadership and management teams, as well among project and IT teams, when navigating any type of organizational change. There are countless theories on how to best manage change and how to lead effectively in times of change, all of which are jam-packed with jargon. The truth is, you don’t need any of the fancy words or theories in order to follow some best practices for change management, and chances are you’re already implementing some of these recognized best practices – you might just be using different words.

11 Helpful Tips for Getting the Most Out of Alliance

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Oct 5, 2016 9:15:00 AM


So you’re coming to Alliance 2017. That's great!

What’s in store for you? You’ll attend dozens of sessions led by professionals in your industry, learn tips and tricks to optimize your solution, network with a ton of new people, and have a great time at all of our evening events.

Your Human Services IT System May be Putting You at Risk: 5 Identifiers that You Should Look For

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Sep 28, 2016 10:16:00 AM


Sometimes risks are good. If people didn’t take risks, we would have far less cool inventions or extreme sports. But taking risks when it comes to your organization, and specifically the software you use to keep everything running smoothly, is a whole other ball game. If your organization is running on decades-old software, you could be exposed to risks that could be potentially devastating to your organization, your staff, and the clients you serve. And while we understand that many human service organizations operate their administration on a shoestring budget so that funding can be channeled into services, some risks are too great to take and may end up costing you more in the long run. Not sure if your system poses a threat to your organization? Here are 5 identifiers that your current software could be exposing your organization to risk:

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